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Poll - Do you currently use a 'classic' film camera?

Discussion in 'Weekly Poll' started by Jon Devo, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. David Loxley

    David Loxley Member

    As Fishboy said ( 6 sept ) "Ouch".
    I missed the start of WW 2 by 32 days. I think, by now, my emulsion might be reticulating.
    These cameras are easy to use!!!! only three adjustments available.
    Darkroom work can be messy, though. Achy on the geriatric back slaving over a hot dev. dish.
    The results can be fun and enjoyable. Just mind the Marie Curie fingers after 60 years swilling in dev. and fix.
    Are the archival printer inks really archival or just very long lasting.
    I have some 40 year old colour prints, kept in albums, and the photochromatic inks are definitely vagrant.
    Sorry, B.C. but I am not a 'fashionista'. I use my kit as I do my clothing it fits and it is comfortable.
    Carpe diem - but make sure you get a photo'.

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