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Photoshop CC 2020-advice please

Discussion in 'Computer Related Help & Discussion' started by John King, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. John King

    John King Well-Known Member

    I started with Adobe CC in 2017, (Previously I had been using version CS4)This was updated by Adobe in 2018, again in 2019 and now I have CC version 2020. After each update I deleted the previous years updates to save clogging up the computer with a programme that had been superseded. This year however I have lost one facility and don't know how to reproduce it.

    I store my images, both direct digital or scanned film in folders either on Memory sticks or in 'Pictures' (as perhaps most others do) Previously, when I wanted to view an image to work on it, I would open that folder and double click on the image and it would open with photoshop. Or I would right click on an image and would be offered a drop down menu with the question what programme did I want the image to be opened with and this included PS. Of course I would always click on PS and take it from there. The PS option now is not there using either method.

    Now to get PS to open, I have to click on PS on the desktop to open up the programme and then open the file I want to work upon. Two more steps than I did before. Is there anyway of restoring this preferred method. (Apart from this glitch, PS is working perfectly normally.)
  2. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    Any of these help?

  3. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    That's what I would start with. On windows right click on the file you want to open, choose the "open with" option, choose PS and tick the "always use this program" option.

    I must admit that I always thought PS CC just kept one continuously updated edition, same for Lightroom. I can't say that I use it but I installed it to play with given that it is "free" with LR under the subscription.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2019
  4. John King

    John King Well-Known Member

    Eight bit Tony.

    Thank you for the reply. I hesitate when I have to get in touch with Adobe because with their lack of understanding of what I am asking and usually ends in a very long telephone call with no guarantee that I will get the result I am after. That is if I can actually get them to answer a call. The last time the phone rang for 22 minutes after which I put the phone down. I think I will continue as I am now and put up with it.


    Yes what you are saying usually happened before the earlier versions were deleted. but it kept defaulting to the 2019 version which is another reason I wanted to clean it up. Now the menu of 'Always use this programme' is still there but not the PS option - everything else but. Here lies the problem.
  5. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    Have you tried solution 2 from the above link?
  6. John King

    John King Well-Known Member

    No I missed that. I will have a go when I am back home (heading off to work at the moment. Thanks.
  7. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    My link was to a post which describes a number of methods of resolving the issue yourself. Not information on contacting Adobe.
  8. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    There's a checkbox to remove the previous install if you use the Adobe CC updater. If you don't, you end up with multiple versions installed. It's checked by default, I wouldn't turn it off.
  9. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    You probably need to manually navigate to folder where the program is kept. There should be an option under the 'Open With' option named Choose default program' or similar. This should open a dialog box with a Browse button that allows you to navigate to the folder containing the application's .exe file.

    Have you checked the Preferences option in CC? There may be an option there which allows PS to automatically set itself as the default option for specific file types.
  10. John King

    John King Well-Known Member

    Now OK. Managed to find my was around using option 2 as described before. The computer is also loading significantly faster too!
  11. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    Good result!

    I also have downloaded PS 2020, just wish it was more intuitive for me. It is a very powerful program but I get most of my editing done in LR. Whenever I switch to PS I have to refer to my notes.
  12. John King

    John King Well-Known Member

    The biggest problem with the last version download was the incredibly slow speed of the internet connection. We now have fibre optic broadband and to be honest the 2020 version download speed took me by surprise how quick it was. I hardly had time to start the download and go to make my self a coffee and it was done. I think I am on around 40-50 MBs last time it was only 7!
  13. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    Find one thing you want to do, and then do it on 50 photographs, even if they don't need it. e.g. decide you're going to remove a major feature, than do it on 50 photographs. Decide you want to do frequency separation, and then do it on 50 portraits even if they don't need it.

    Like all complex tools, you only get better by repetition, but it's the technique you need to repeat not just using 'using photoshop differently 50 times'.

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