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Photographers' Trafalgar Square protest: Home Office statement

Discussion in 'News - Discussion' started by CSBC, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. TheFatControlleR

    TheFatControlleR :Devil's Advocaat: Forum Admin

    I'm not a lawyer, but I qualify on the other criteria. :D
  2. Smudger79

    Smudger79 Well-Known Member

    You're expensive then huh?
    Do you know where I can get big and fat cheaply?
    And don't say McDonalds!!

    :D :D
  3. brummie

    brummie Well-Known Member

    all we need to do is the following, is act politely, carry the relevant paperwork on us and inform them you are making images, which is not illegal, if they ask for id politely refuse, if under a section 44 search, comply, if asked for id, again reply you are not under any obligation to do so, if they then start using the obstruction card, kindly remind them you are not and are complying and you are under no obligation, also if they are being slow and obstructive, also kindly remind them that the search is taking too long and that they are not living up to the act for it not to hinder a member of the public.

    if they then start to try and arrest you for some spurious crime, like obstruction remind them they are committing a criminal offence, of assault and false imprisonment and you will be taking action.

    if your really brave, arrest them under civil/common laws for assault, false imprisonment, and harassment.

    if its a pcso, then they have no powers under section 44 unless an officer is present so you can use reasonable force to escape any physical contact.

    that's if your really brave, its all lawful !!!. allegedly.

  4. TheFatControlleR

    TheFatControlleR :Devil's Advocaat: Forum Admin

    What! And undercut me sen... :eek:
  5. Mark

    Mark Well-Known Member

    We could save a lot of money and just hit them with a big stick...
  6. Hotblack

    Hotblack Dead Horse Flogger

    :) As is the way of this place.

    Which is my point. Muslims fight Christians, Sunnis fight Shi'ites etc etc etc. Take away religion and war will still happen. The human race seems designed to always be in conflict on many different levels.
  7. 3rdQueens

    3rdQueens Member

    Hi David.
    Yes, I would not disagree with that statement and it is more than probable that we will be responsible for our own destruction, but as we do have religion, it will probably happen under the name of someones God.
    Like your Pic's by the way.

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