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Philips ESP2

Discussion in 'Other Brands & Accessories' started by David43, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. David43

    David43 New Member

    Hi. I have an interest in older digital cameras, and have just acquired a Philips ESP2. It only has Built in memory, and so the only way to down load pictures, is by cable. Unfortunately I don't have those cables. The outlet on the camera is marked, RS232C/AUX. Could anybody help? Philips now have no record on their system of the camera. It is the same camera as the Ricoh RDC300, and Ricoh say that the cable is an RS232C/USB, but the outlet on the camera is neither of those. Any Information would be appreciated. David.
  2. Olderbutnotwiser

    Olderbutnotwiser Well-Known Member

    RS232 is the old serial port connector on computers/laptops. What does the connector on the camera actually look like?
  3. Sejanus.Aelianus

    Sejanus.Aelianus In the Stop Bath

    Yes, post a picture.

    If the connector is a DB9 female, there are various converters that will allow you to connect it to a USB socket, provided that your computer will run the drivers. If it's some weird connector, you'll need to find or make an adapter to DB9 as well.
  4. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    http://www.philips.co.uk/c-p/ESP2/-/support says you also need custom software. It calls the cable " special" but doesn't offer it as an accessory. I can't remember when USB came along but the fact they use an RS232 port suggests the comms might be custom written.
  5. David43

    David43 New Member

    Hi. I have hopefully placed a photo in an album of the connector. David.

  6. Sejanus.Aelianus

    Sejanus.Aelianus In the Stop Bath

    This is a generic RS232 to USB adapter. The close-up shows the DB9 plug; you'll need to make or find an adapter from the camera fitting to this.

    There are various versions of this device on the market in the £15 -£20 range...



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