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Osprey hide in the making

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by speyghillie, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. speyghillie

    speyghillie Member

    Hi All,
    Just signed up to the forum as i hope to learn alot about camera's and lenses for wildlife Photography.
    I have been working on a winter project here in the Cairgorms, i have built or i should say dug out a new Osprey hide after watching them fish early morning at a little Lochan i have, i think its going to be something special or at least a few Professional Photographers tell me so, i guess time will tell.
    Thanks All.
  2. bwlove

    bwlove Member

    Sounds like a great plan, I love Osprey and wish I could see more of them. Have you had the opportunity to complete the project and get some photos? Would love to see some if you have.
  3. speyghillie

    speyghillie Member

    Hi bwlove,
    I watched the Ospreys dive and take fish all last summer before building, or rather digging the hide out.
    The Ospreys will be back anytime soon, but the real busy time will be from the end of April when they have chicks to feed.
    I have been working at the hide all week and its done and ready, no pictures yet but soon i hope.
    I have let the hide out for a few days to cover the costs of the months work, and having worked at a well known Osprey Photographic site for 20yrs, i am sure all will be good.............. but thats up to the birds.
    Thanks Gordon.
  4. speyghillie

    speyghillie Member

  5. speyghillie

    speyghillie Member

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