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Olympics chiefs' warning over detachable-lens cameras

Discussion in 'News - Discussion' started by CSBC, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Graham_RM13

    Graham_RM13 Well-Known Member

  2. P_Stoddart

    P_Stoddart Well-Known Member

    Don't get confused some of those are press.

    Also I reckon they have short lens but the lens hood make it look abit longer.

    But some of the newer lenses are below the 30cm physical length limit.

    The real problem is the big blocks of seats empty. :mad:

    It seems the very corps who sponsor the games just could not be bothered to go.

    Yet we have families of Team GB competitors who missed out on the lottery. :(

    Really needs sort out for future games. Say protected tickets for couple of family members per competitor.

    Maybe the sponsors should not get tickets except for 1 or 2 VIPs. After all they are getting huge exposure.

    Maybe LOCOG will name and shame who has not turned. :p
  3. AlanClifford

    AlanClifford Well-Known Member

    That would be LOCOG.
  4. AlecM

    AlecM MiniMe

    I thought that when watching the swimming last night (and I, like you, am talking about the ones in the crowd as opposed to the press area).

    Perhaps it varies from venue to venue? I know the info is standard, but maybe there's a different application of the rules. Similar story at Wimbledon yesterday - there seemed to be some bigger cameras in that crowd, too.

    I'm going tomorrow (Greenwich Park) and still not taking any chances - the DSLR is staying at home and the GX1 is coming with me.
  5. AlanClifford

    AlanClifford Well-Known Member

    Aren't they using Wimbledon rules at Wimbledon?
  6. AGW

    AGW Well-Known Member

    There are a lot of the atheletes using slr's to take pictures of the crowds. Many of the atheletes marching into the arena at the opening were making video recordings. I saw folk in the audiance at the tenis using slr's......looks as though they are being fairly relaxed...

  7. Bejay

    Bejay Well-Known Member

  8. SteveofHants

    SteveofHants Member

    So I got a £50 ticket for the Athletics which I think means I'll be up in the gods! Never mind, my Canon EOS 40D with 100-400mm lens that I use on safari will surely do the job, right ? The catch would seem to be that this £1000+ setup is less than 30cm at 100mm but more than 30cm at 400mm. I have NO intention of selling my photos - just showing them to the grandkids. Do I take the risk ? Has anyone taken similar kit in successfully ?

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