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O Winston Link

Discussion in 'News - Discussion' started by JMACNALLY, Feb 20, 2001.



    His obituary was in this weeks' AP, and I was reminded of a BBC documentary that I taped about him. He went to extra-ordinary lengths to get his night shots of trains in a fast disappearing America. He was persuaded to recreate one of his set-ups for the film, which involved months and months of meticulous preparation. A long forgotten cache of Philips Photoflash bulbs was found (very big ones) and a restored train driven to suitable location etc. No test firings could be done because of the lack of these flash-bulbs so his plate camera and connections had to be thoroughly checked. Everything was set for this historic occasion and all went to plan - the train steamed through the little town, clouds of steam released, the shutter was fired and Hoorah! the flashes filled the night sky, perfectly illuminating the whole scene. The last words to be heard as the camera fades to titles are Winston Link's: "Shucks....forgot to pull the darkslide!"

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