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Not About Much For a good Few weeks from now

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LesleySM, May 4, 2016.

  1. LesleySM

    LesleySM Well-Known Member

    My one indulgence has been sending a friend a tenner to have a drink on me! He's been out of work since March and has had so many interviews and came close so many times like last week, he passed all the tests with record scores they were more or less talking about his start date when they asked about his Sage experience . He doesn't have any and would not have applied if he'd known at which point they realise neither the advert nor the JD mentioned Sage

    But did he let it get him down...well yes but he had an interview this morning and he starts next Thursday!
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  2. LesleySM

    LesleySM Well-Known Member

    I was really happy to get two packs of 2 steak slices reduced to clear 90p each Had one pack for dinner with chips and peas and the other pack will do tomorrow with cheese and onion mash
  3. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    Go Lesley's mate! And karma for you too for your gesture. I've had a few like that - you do wonder at which point in the proceedings someone thinks "I know, let's just not put the most important factor in and see how much of our and other people's time we can waste".

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  4. RovingMike

    RovingMike Crucifixion's a doddle...

    Lucky. My son is coming up for a year out of work. At 40 that's a real problem.
  5. LesleySM

    LesleySM Well-Known Member

    My friend is 55 and really has struggled and even thought he says they promised him it wasn't I have a suspicion the shop are just hiring for Xmas and he could be out of work 3 months down the line but from his point of view he has his son at Xmas (His ex-partner and her new partner dump his son on him every school holiday even when he is out of work expect him to feed his son etc. while they pocket the child benefit but if he dares to raise the issue her partner says "Well if you want to formalise things we could go to court and you might lose access". My opinion of his ex partners current partner is not printable) and he'll be raking in all the hours and be able to give his son a nice Xmas

    I suppose I am fairly fortunate in that at almost 62 I have more or less been okay but that is probably because of my specialist skills
  6. LesleySM

    LesleySM Well-Known Member

    To be fair it was only when the Sage issue came up that the company realised they'd completely forgotten to put it in the ad and the job description and they apologised and may have a better paid job that is right up his street coming up and will contact him. But being Cliff he's now like "But I don't want to let Home Bargains down" (28 hours guaranteed £8 an hour or £9.15 for any extra hours) to go to (other job, £18.5k a year and more up his street )
  7. LesleySM

    LesleySM Well-Known Member

    Fingers are now being crossed

    I have been shortlisted for a job and will now know next week if I get an interview,

    They are looking for at least 3 years experience- I have 15 years (By accident, I took a medical secretaries job to tide me over until my next book selling job came up and it never did. I spent the first 3 years waiting for the medical secretarial police to turn up and arrest me for being a fraud)

    They ideally want someone who has the AMSPAR diploma (Pass on final exam is 75% I got 99% I used the American spelling of "Leukocyte" rather than the UK spelling, which is odd as I generally get slightly mad at "Pediatric" and "Hematology" rather than the correct spellings paediatric and haematology)

    Ideal candidate would have some orthopaedic experience- I have 4 years

    The money is a few k better than I am on right now. I am slowly getting beter money wise but a nice cash injection would help
  8. Geren

    Geren Well-Known Member

    Good luck Lesley!
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  9. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    Go get 'em tiger and all the best, Lesley :)


  10. Mark101

    Mark101 Well-Known Member

    All the best and good luck Lesley.
  11. LesleySM

    LesleySM Well-Known Member

    Well nothing happening on the job front and of course now the market won't be active really until the New Year so I am resigned to sitting where I am now for the time being but its slowly getting more bearable as I grow a thicker skin for when the boss shouts at me.

    Money remains tight until next payday as I paid a big debt off when I last got paid, which has left me on the wagon more or less. Then again I have dropped a dress size, which giving I have just found out he has type 2 diabetes is probably a good thing
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  12. Mark101

    Mark101 Well-Known Member

    At least with type 2 there is a good chance of getting it totally under control with diet alone.
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  13. John Farrell

    John Farrell Well-Known Member

    Type 2 is progressive - you may control it initially with diet - diet and exercise is the initial treatment here - but eventually you move onto drugs. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2000, started on metformin about 7 years ago, and had gliclazide added 2 years ago. My last Hba1c was 49.
  14. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily a foregone conclusion. True for most people but not all.
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  15. LesleySM

    LesleySM Well-Known Member

    My brother initially put off medication for a year or so by losing weight, taking more exercise and watching his diet. But he has been on something Metformin I think for around 3 years funnily enough when I saw him in May he looked the fittest he has been in years!
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  16. LesleySM

    LesleySM Well-Known Member

    It does worry me since we are siblings, today the middle of my right foot was really painful and I started to wonder if it was a sign of diabetes bearing in mind it was foot problems that killed Dave (and before anyone asks he wasn't diabetic) so I am sensitive on the matter,

    Got home and realised there was a hole in the foot of my tights on that side and two of my toes had slipped through it but the tights then restricted the blood flow a bit as well as pinching it was an instant cure when I took the bloody tights off

    Preventative medicine was chucking the tights in the bin!
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  17. John Farrell

    John Farrell Well-Known Member

    Two of my sisters also have type 2 diabetes.
  18. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    My sister is five years older than me and depressingly healthy. She still does tap dancing and ballet!
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  19. spinno

    spinno Well-Known Member

    have you ever thought....;):)
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  20. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    I do my best not to ;)
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