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North Devon

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by katty, Jul 5, 2000.

  1. katty

    katty New Member

    Does anyone know any good places for landscape photography in North Devon/Somerset?? Thanks.
  2. Raz

    Raz Well-Known Member

    hi i live in north Devon, it depends what kinda thing, /location, atmosphere/ interest you want.. being north devon it has everyhting from snowy moors to lush beachs and amzing sunsets, thick jungle woods and rolling fields.. id suggest you just drive around and shoot what you like.. head anywhere in the south west and youll find some good pictures, try the cliffs around hartland for great walks and rewarding views. dartmoor can be nice when the lights right.
    have fun.

    always looking for new work
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  3. HangTen

    HangTen Member

    I've lived in West Somerset for 30 years, & I'm still searching for the ideal local location :)
    However, here are a few suggestions for starters:
    1. Valley of The Rocks (rugged coastal area between Minehead & Porlock)
    2. Lynton & Lynmouth
    3. Anywhere on Exemoor
    4. Quantock hills (12 miles long 4 miles wide - moorland, heather & wooded valleys)
    5. Saunton Sands & Braunton burrows (rolling sand dunes/nature reserve)
    6. Appledore (good at low tide for boats etc.)
    7. Bideford (interesting quayside etc.)

    Let me know if you find any good spots :)



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