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Nikon launches new compact system cameras with small sensors

Discussion in 'News - Discussion' started by Damien_Demolder, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Damien_Demolder

    Damien_Demolder Well-Known Member

  2. Damien_Demolder

    Damien_Demolder Well-Known Member

    I'm off to go and see Nikon now. We'll report back later.
  3. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    Oops! Although the Nikon is a far better looking device.
  4. filmlover

    filmlover Well-Known Member

    A camera that automatically chooses the "best" frame for you in a 60 frames a second sequence??........Oh dear, then there really is a determination among Far Eastern technicians to make the human brain redundant...
  5. Mark

    Mark Well-Known Member


    I played with the Pentax Q for the first time yesterday. Fantastic technology but tiny, tiny, tiny. I can only assume that the Nikon will fill me with the same feelings of a technological solution to a hitherto unknown problem. Not for me - as you know, I've no interest unless it needs a fork-lift to move it ;) - but I'm sure that it will draw oohs and aahs in abundance. I'm just not a 'small is beautiful' person.

    Some might say (have said) that I'm compensating...:rolleyes::p
  6. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    Does the smallest and lightest claim apply only to the body? Even ignoring the Pentax I suspect that one of the mFT offerings plus a collapsible zoom (or a pancake) would be a much more pocketable item than one of these with the standard zoom. It will be interesting to see a detailed breakdown of the figures.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2011
  7. Terrywoodenpic

    Terrywoodenpic Well-Known Member

    A good looking camera.
    it wil lbe interesting to see who of all thes new cameras ends up with the real market. Size and picture quality are obviously very important, but tend to play off against each other, especially sensor size. we now must wait to see which way canon bounces.
  8. AndyTake2

    AndyTake2 Well-Known Member

    It's a feature, but I wouldn't be blinded by it.
    The camera seems to offer some very good innovations - phase detection autofocus, 1/16000 shutter speed, 8MP still from 1080i HD video.
    I don't have the money for one right now, but with the F adaptor this would be a contender when doing telephoto work, which I would definitely consider.
  9. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    Apparently smallest and lightest is for in-built EVF models.

    I really like the concept, but it fails for me on a few points:

    3:2 aspect ratio (cropping to a more preferable ratio really cuts into the usable MP)
    manual controls seem awkward (even on the more serious V1)
    VR lenses (I much prefer in-body)

    Postives include:
    AF with AFS Nikkors (love to see it with a 200 f2 attached!)
    microphone input for movies
    really clean lines (especially with the J1 and 10mm)
    I could really have fun with the slow motion video

    I reckon I'm left waiting for the larger Pentax CSC as the only thing to stop me going m4/3.
  10. P_Stoddart

    P_Stoddart Well-Known Member

    It is the pretty much the 3x system that has been suggested for about 3-4 years on various forums.

    I suspect more lenses down the road. Personally it is a real kick in the teeth for Pentax. Because it is bound to have better noise performance than the Q. Also of cause more real DOF with a sensor of 13.2x8.8mm.

    I am impressed Nikon have gone their own way which is brave because it means new lenses instead of just grabbing a APS sensor and using the DX lenses.

    I would have liked it to have more traditional controls. The EVF spec is good at 1.4MP same as Lumix I believe.

    Interesting time in photography. :)

    If Canon have not got something similar in the pipeline there will be some heated arguements at their HQ I'll bet. :D

    Cannot wait for the hands on test by AP.

    Who would have thought that the middle of the week would be so historic.
  11. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Actually, that's almost certain to be the last place there will be heated arguments; we can be fairly sure that whatever their strategy, they'll have it agreed and will be more than prepared for this sort of announcement.

    Where there WILL be heated arguments is on internet fora, amongst fanboys. :D
  12. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    And that's the only thing Nikon seem to have got right with this.

    The whole point, to me at least, of the smaller interchangeable lens systems, is that you can still fit a decent sized sensor into them. MFT is the smallest size of sensor
    I would consider paying that kind of money for.

    Integration with AF-S Nikkors sounds great on the face of it, but it's a curate's egg of a feature. Nikon have made a tiny body and shouting about small it is, why would anyone want to stick a hulking AF-s lens on it, and if they did how would you handle such an unwieldily combination? Looking from the other direction, Nikon DSLR owners looking for a compact system would surely want a decent sized sensor to make the most of those lenses?

    Nikon needed to bring a smaller interchangeable lens system out, but I can't how this release offers anything to the market that is actually useful or isn't already offered better elsewhere.
  13. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    Impressed how? A man could walk across the M1 blindfolded. He'd be brave but would anyone be impressed? Fitting a DX sensor into less compact body would have been the sensible and brave option, brave insofar as it might cannibalise sales of the D3100.

    If they had, I may have been tempted myself by one of those myself. As it is, it's a meaningless release for me.
  14. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    I still haven't tried my 200/2 on my GF-1. I was thinking of doing so for filmmaking where using manual focus isn't an issue but haven't had the time.

    A friends of ours is a TV cameraman and he bought the Panasonic AG-AF100 camcorder with an MFT mount and sensor. His eyes lit up when I said that I had a converter and the 200/2 and other fast primes. I should mention it again and see if we can get some videos done with them. :cool:
  15. Graham_RM13

    Graham_RM13 Well-Known Member

    Can't wait to see what the Image Quality is from this latest offering.

    Wouldn't it be nice, if only for the fun of it, for AP to return to the window in the building across the river from the boat and take "Center & Edge" shots, from all these new CSCs and publish the results...

    Now that the weather is nice and misty most days, we would not have to worry too much about sharpness, colour, etc., and could consentrate on the relative merits of in-camera functions, to render the scene into an artistic picture.
  16. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    The heated arguments are probably long past (as Nick says) and will have been between the DLSR division and the compact division, each trying to keep the mirrorless baby well away from their core buisness. In this case DLSR boys seem to have won - probably because the Nikon compact range never seems to have been that strong. Canon however are very strong at both ends so there may be blood on the floor whatever size sensor is/was chosen
  17. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    I suspect that the corpses are already lining up in the compact divisions of major camera manufacturers. Top end compacts sales are being hit by these new systems, but the whole market is under attack from smart phones.

    We often see reports in AP and elsewhere on sales trends. These are usually too broad an overview though. I'd like to see figures broken down into age ranges. I'd be surprised if many people under thirty bought a compact camera these days.
  18. Learning

    Learning Ethelred the Ill-Named

    There's plenty of info on the NikonUSA site. I am quite impressed. To me this will not replace a DSLR but may be a better complementary system than mft. I have already written off the Pentax Q because I want a better sensor than that found in a compact. I would not use my existing Nikkors on this cx camera; their size would defeat the whole object of cx.
  19. LargeFormat

    LargeFormat Well-Known Member

    I really can't see anyone buying this in preference to a NEX.:confused:
  20. Learning

    Learning Ethelred the Ill-Named

    That's fine Barney and you seem to be already satisfied with your mft as a complement to your DSLR. To many people this system will be appropriate. It fills a gap in the market. I hope that it will be successful.

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