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Need help with Pentax Optio please

Discussion in 'Pentax Chat' started by serendipity86, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. serendipity86

    serendipity86 New Member

    Hi, I need help with my camera please.
    I have a pentax optio s10, I've had it for 4 and a half years with no problems. When the flash is on it usually takes bright crisp pictures, and when the flash is off not so good pictures but I'm used to that.
    I was taking some pics of my son and I noticed it kept doing red eye, so I pressed the flash button (which I usually just have set to flash auto) and I changed it to flash auto + red eye which I have never used before. I carried on taking pictures and noticed that the pictures had gone really dark. So I changed it back to just flash auto but it was still taking really dark pictures :/ So I went to the set-up menu and reset the camera but it didn't fix the problem, it's still taking darker pictures that aren't that clear, even with the flash on... I don't know what's happened. I've used it with no problem for the past 4 yrs and it's always taken clear bright pictures, I don't know why this has happened just from me putting it on auto+ red eye, and then changing it back, even after the camera reset. Any help would be much appreciated, it's nearly christmas so I really need to try and fix the camera, please help if you have any ideas of what is wrong with it. Thank you

    It also seems to be putting a red light on the front, and when I take a pic without flash on this red light is on and the photo ends up just looking really red :/
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2012
  2. Chris Cool

    Chris Cool Retired

    Hi and welcome.

    The red light that has started to come on is the Focus Assist light that can be turned off in the menus. It measures the distance between subject matter and camera when light is low or completely dark.

    After you turn that off. See how the pics look with Auto Flash. If you're still having a problem, then try some of the 'scene modes'.

    The camera is a mini computer in a way and may have got itself lost with regards all the functions available. If by trying different modes it still produces dark images. Take the battery out for 24 hours and it should reboot from scratch and reset itself with no memory settings.

  3. serendipity86

    serendipity86 New Member

    You said about turning the red light off, how would I do that please?

    I don't know why it would be anything to do with the settings when I reset it to it's origional settings?

    Even though the picture was red when the flash was off that isn't really a big deal cos I usually use my camera with flash on anyway. It's the fact that the pictures seem to have gone way darker and less clear than before n I don't know why :/

    I currently have the battery on charge (even though it wasn't showing as low battery) and I'm gonna see what the camera is like once it's charged. If that doesn't work I will try leaving the battery out for 24 hours like you suggested. Thank you
  4. Chris Cool

    Chris Cool Retired

    By turning it off in the settings menu.

    It's the settings that control how the camera takes a picture so whilst it appears to you that it has been reset. The chip inside the camera may not have reset correctly. It is only by the process of elimination that we can try to find out what is wrong. So, pencil and paper in hand. Run through all the different scene modes and see what works and what doesn't. Take a note of the settings the camera selects for each scene. Then go back to the settings you always use and see what settings the camera uses and compare. To see what the camera is using you need to toggle through the display button on the back so they show up on the LCD.

    If you don't understand the basics of photography then the above may be too much so just toggle through the various scene modes taking pictures and then go back to the settings you're used to and see if it has reset itself. If not try leaving the battery out for 24 hours.

    Having an electronic device that has worked flawlessly for four and a half years is good going nowadays lol ;)
  5. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    I would have suggested the same as Chris and, especially, the "reset" along with "removing the battery for 24 hours".
    As for the dark pictures perhaps, when doing the reset procedure, the ASA/ISO got changed to the number (50 or 100) which might account for the dark(er) pics because when the asa/ISO is lowered the flash has less range and, consequently, the pics turn out darker.

    Another (potential) way of finding out how or what changed in your camera to cause the picture difference, is to play back your pics in the camera and, if memory serves, there should be an "info/display" button which, when pressed enough times will show you all the information (shutter speeds, apertures, ISO/ass used,modes -- program, portrait, sports,etc .... used -- along with which flash mode). So, in theory, with this knowledge you should be able to. reset your camera to "working" settings. If not or if nothing seems to work, I would not advise a repair because you should be able to purchase new camera at a lower price :). If you want to stay within Pentax, I would suggest the VS20 -- a bit larger than your camera but-- with a larger (20x) optical zoom and a very good built in stabilisation feature. Also, it is, IMHO, priced quite reasonably :).
    Normally, I would check for UK pricing but I'm on my mobile and not quite that adept :(

    Anyway, hope this helps a wee bit ... and all the best :)



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