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Naughty DIXON'S

Discussion in 'News - Discussion' started by JMACNALLY, Feb 16, 2001.



    It's not like me to get annoyed and start a hate campaign, but I feel a good rant and rave is due to Dixon's this week. Some may have seen a full page spread in the newspapers last week-end announcing a special sale. Amongst the items on offer was the FUJI FINEPIX 2200 for just £149.99 (RRP £349). I didn't actually see this ad until Monday but I went directly to Fuji's Website to get the specs etc. This was too good to be true I thought, another mag was advertising a basic(very) digital camera for £99.99, no features at all just 480x520 and built in memory. As I seem to be the font of all knowledge about these things at work and elsewhere I urged all and sundry to get the Fuji.

    The disappointment is that Dixon's were only selling at that price for Saturday and Sunday. They are now charging full price for it. Well done in the first place for such a low price, but why for only two days? The 2200 isn't listed in the current ads in AP although the 2300 is and seems to be almost exactly the same specs.

    Have Dixon's bought up the whole consignment with their "Limbo Dancing Sales Team"?

    The camera isn't shown in their camera lists on the Website, and one wonders if anybody did actually manage to buy one.

    Could AP do a little investigating on this one and find out if Dixon's intend to have another sale at the reduced price, also why they can afford to sell at half price and then go back to full price. I would like to see a quote from Head Office on the strategy employed here. Was it a hook to get the punters in and sell them something else much more expensive, or was it a genuine clear out of an overstocked item?

    This camera would make an excellent starter digital and there is nothing as good at the £150 price tag, I feel that I have been tantalised and had the goods snatched from my grasp!
  2. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    John, I didn't see the ad in the papers (never read them - you can't believe a word they say - even the ads!), but I did happen to pass a Dixons and see the ad. In all fairness to Dixons, it was clearly marked as a "this weekend only" offer. I went in to the shop and there were stacks of them, selling quite well too( well, they sold 2 while I was dithering). I was sorely tempted, but decided in the end that although the price might be right, it wouldn't keep me happy for long and ultiimately wouldn't be value for money.
    Now I'm no lover of Dixons, having had run-ins with them in the past, and generally finding their sales operatives' knowledge of anything photographic to be marginally the wrong side of non-existant, but actually I think they deserve credit here for bringing in digital cameras at a realistic price, even for such a short period. I assume that the camera is now discontinued, and that Dixons did exactly what I've previously advocated - sold them off cheap.

  3. BigWill

    BigWill Gorgeous oversensitive Nikon-loving cream puff

    Saw the offer on digital satellite's "Open" and raised an eyebrow in mild intrest. Sounded like an amazing price for a 2.1 megapixel camera and was definately a bargain. Like Nick howver, I don't think 2 megapixels could really cut it for the larger sized prints that would intrest me (sound of John tearing hair out in frustration)but it certainly would make a great wee snapshot camera.
    I agree with John that it's a pity the offer didn't last longer to give those interested a better chance of snapping up a bargain.


    You could have sold it ten times if you'd got one, Nick. I agree Dixon's were doing a great offer, but two days is hardly time for a shopper to investigate or consider other options. The camera is now for sale on the Website, and at PCWorld, but for the RRP £350. I would like to see this sort of offer given lots of advance notice in future.
  5. linnet9

    linnet9 Well-Known Member

    Jmac, you don't think it is just conceivable that Dixons hoped to get you there and to buy something else, probably more expensive, do you? There are naughty people like that you know. Take care, and never take your eye off of the ball:)

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