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My new portfolio site

Discussion in 'Personal Portfolio Sites' started by Shutterhive, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Shutterhive

    Shutterhive Member

    I have recently uploaded my new portfolio site, it is still work in progress but I am pretty happy with this one.

    I have used wix.com to make the site, I used to use portfoliobox but I didn't like how restrictive that service was. Ironically I used to be a web designer but these services are so good these days there is almost no need to build a site from scratch anymore. I designed the logo for my site too, I would love to know your thoughts:

  2. peanuts

    peanuts Well-Known Member

    Its clean and simplistic which draws the eye onto the photography with minimal distractions.
    Very nicely done and some amazing shots!
  3. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    It's a little bit slow to start up over a 20Mb line but otherwise seems OK.
  4. Ffolrord

    Ffolrord Well-Known Member

    Some very nice images there. The 'enter site' isn't as obvious as it might be. The logo popping up on most images annoys me, especially at differing sizes. Otherwise nice and simple.
  5. Rasha

    Rasha Well-Known Member

    I like the simple design, with the portfolio page though the logo seems weird as if it's a photograph title or something that is repeating over all of them, because hive is not that clear or even the logo, and it's kind of unnecessary as well.
  6. Grace Deane

    Grace Deane Well-Known Member

    Your website has a lovely simple layout. Very nice photos! My favourite photo is the long night exposure in London but sometimes your logo is very hard to see in some of the photos.
  7. chrismdale

    chrismdale Active Member

    Overall a really nice clean site with a lot of great images and the logo is very smart, none of the below are big issues but being very picky there's a few things I'd consider, some may be personal taste.
    It does seem a little slow loading some pages although the images seem fairly snappy, not sure if it's something to do with the nice transitions?
    Agreed with the comments on the watermark, it personally puts me off a bit, but if it is going to be there I'd make sure it's visible, eg. a black version on the lighter photos and a consistent size, it looks much bigger on the panoramic image bottom left for example.
    It would be nice if 'escape' closed the lightbox view, especially as the 'X' button needs a very accurate click otherwise it moves to the next image instead, also a little strange that it seems to rejig the portfolio photos when you do close it, not sure how much you can dig into that stuff on wix though.
    The welcome page is nice, but it seems a little redundant having a 'home' link which just takes you back to a splash screen (told you I was being picky!)
    The URL for contact page is strange and the blog has an unnecessary -1 on the end, would look a bit smarter if they were just '/contact' and '/blog'
    I'd think about making the facebook and twitter links a bit more prominent if you use them a lot.
    Overall those are just little details and I think it's a good presentation of your photography.
  8. samiul27

    samiul27 Member

    Simple and well laid out.
  9. Geren

    Geren Well-Known Member

    Yes, I like it, but as mentioned above, when you close an image it seems to all flicker and shuffle (I don't think it actually does shuffle, just looks like it's going to) and that was hurting my eyes after about the third time. Otherwise, very clean.

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