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Looking for set of all 4 seasons shots in Peak District

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by davisan1, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. davisan1

    davisan1 New Member

    I have a somewhat unusual request for my first post to these forums. My daughter is looking for 4 landscape shots, taken in the Peak District (preferably Hope Valley, Stanage, Mam Tor areas) in all 4 seasons. The view and perspective should be as identical as possible, and reflect the seasonal character (e.g. snow autumn leaves, spring flowers, summer grasses) Stephen Elliott has 3 great examples in this view of Mam Tor
    http://www.stephenelliottphotography.co.uk/_photo_7964449.html ... but he only has 3 of the 4 seasons.

    Can anyone point me to such a selection? Or does anyone reading this have such shots?
  2. Atavar

    Atavar Well-Known Member

    Bit of a tall order unfortunately, you'd need someone local who has so happened to have done it from their bedroom window or someone who has procured these shots on a commercial basis as it is unlikely anyone would return to exactly the same spot 4 times during the year - however a few options may present themselves...

    Firstly, have you contacted Stephen Elliott to see if he has the fourth picture off-line. Photographers with work of commercial interest tend not to put all of the work online for free and hold some back so it is not all *coughs* borrowed without their knowledge. If your requirement is for school/educational work it may be he is happy for them to use it gratis, or if for small scale publishing a minimal token fee could be arranged...

    Secondly, try contacting the Cumbria tourist board. They most likely have a huge catalogue of attractive images which they would have paid pros to get, and I would be surprised if they did not have what you are after... As above, most likely happy to help for educational purposes or arrange fees and payments if not...

    Thirdly, have you looked at Stock Photography websites? This may be an inferior option as not all the pictures would have been taken by the same person, but for some scenes there are practically holes in the ground where the tripods have been placed time and time again. The same as above: for educational use they may be happy to provide for gratis, however there may be small fees involved depending on intended use of the images.

    Fourthly, I know it is not likely in these locations, but is there a webcam feed to any of these places. They are always running, always on and archives are sometimes created. The quality may not be top notch, but the pictures would be there.

    Fifthly, depending on how soon your daughter needs them, send her up there with a camera :) she'll own the copyright and could then do whatever she wanted with them, and also have a set with some serious commercial viability for selling on.

    Out of interest, what does she require the images for?
  3. Atavar

    Atavar Well-Known Member

    Amendment - I read that as Lake District, Peak District I should have said Derbyshire Tourism Board, but this also is depending on which part of the district you are looking for the shot from as it straddles some other counties too.
  4. davisan1

    davisan1 New Member

    Hi Atavar,

    Very many thanks for your replies to my post, you've provided some very useful leads.

    To start with your last question, the reason for the request is simply as an idea to create a collage of the 4 pictures as a birthday present for someone who loves that area of the country and walks there a lot, in all weathers. Unfortunately neither that person nor my daughter are photographers in any sense so a "DIY" approach is unlikely to work (and would take a long time).

    We did contact Stephen Elliott and he searched his collection but could only find 3 of the 4 seasons. We will contact the Peak District and/or Derby Dales tourist boards to see if they can help, and look for webcams - those are both great suggestions, Thanks!!

    You are quite correct that "for some scenes there are practically holes in the ground where the tripods have been placed time and time again". A search of Flickr for "Mam Tor" revealed many pictures very similar to those by Stephen. Very many shots seem to be clustered around that gate, 50% taken with a view over the valley, and 50% with a view along the path. And similarly a search for Stanage reveals a number of lovely pictures of discarded millstones (and the view beyond) taken in all weather conditions. In fact I now believe its quite possible that a deep search through Flickr will give us what we need so long as we're prepared to accept some variations in perspective.

    Thanks again, but please don't see this as an attempt to close the thread... If anyone else has or knows of a suitable 4 seasons photo collection please let us know!

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