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Look Local

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by robbybobby, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. robbybobby

    robbybobby Well-Known Member

    I am fortunate enough to live about 10m away from a small nature reserve, which is open and full of long-horned cattle a lot of the time and fairly well suited to landscapes, other than the mud pools everywhere. But, despite my many visits to spectacular mountain ranges and locations throughout the UK, I still find that my best pictures have been yielded from this local area.
    In my experience, which is not all that great I suppose, I have found that it is the places which you know the best that tend to generate the best pictures since they are the places you know and hence you understand how they look best in pictures.
    Also, if you notice a spectacular sunset outside you living room window, you only have a few mins walk to get a picture.
    If I can find a way of scanning trannies (6x6cm and 35mm) on my A4 flatbed, I'll show what can be achieved by a relatively inexperienced photographer within a mile of my home.


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