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Locations in Hampshire/Wiltshire

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by totty102, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. totty102

    totty102 New Member

    Im new to photography having only started a part time course last week! I have a little compact which does the job so far but looking for places that would give me some good photos.
    I live in Basingstoke...can anyone recommend places in Hampshire/Wiltshire
    Thanks :)
  2. Lounge Lizard

    Lounge Lizard Well-Known Member

    It's not really a case of going somewhere, standing on a particlar spot and pressing a button to get good photos. It's knowledge of photography and how to use the equipment you've got that gives you that.

    I can understand you wondering what to photograph if you've never set foot outside of Basingstoke but there is so much in Hampshire and Wiltshire that you shouldn't have to ask - just get yourself out there and look. That's what photography is all about. I don't remember Cartier-Bresson asking what to photograph....
  3. chris000

    chris000 Well-Known Member

    Hi, and welcome to the forums.

    Don't overlook the centre of Basingstoke itself for some interesting urban landscapes and maybe a bit of 'street photography'. But there's plenty of good rural stuff in Hants too - Test, Itchen and Meon Valleys, the downs around Kingsclere and Historic towns like Winchester.

    There is loads to choose from - good luck!
  4. geoid

    geoid Well-Known Member

    Hamble river is pretty, and the new forest too.

    I think do as David suggests, and get clicking away and see what happens! You'll develop your own style and taste for photography that way.
  5. HippoPete

    HippoPete Member


    I just dropped in to ask a question of my own but seeing this and being a Hampshire resident, I thought I might offer a few suggestions to help kick start your thought processes.

    Watercress Line near Aylesford / Alton for Steam Trains
    A myriad of old churches in many Hampshire villages
    Millenium Tower / Historic warships in Portsmouth
    The length of the abandoned Meon Vally Railway
    Any south downs landscape now that Autumn is upon us

    I don't know if you have your own transport, perhaps that is a factor?

    Try this website as another idea for "off the beaten track" footpath and bridleway locations,

  6. totty102

    totty102 New Member

    Thank you to everyone for your suggestions.
    Im new to this area and whilst I know to get out there and get clicking, its nice to have a few recommendations.
    Took a trip to Danebury Ring, some nice scenic views.
  7. mondeo

    mondeo Member

    The Vyne and surrounding woods, Basingstoke town centre, the canal, Longbridge Mill at Sherfield on Loddon, Wellington Country Park, Kingsclere, Highclere, Winchester (train ride away)

    How about taking a look in the library for local books.
  8. k613

    k613 Member

    Wilton Windmill to the West of Hungerford is quite picturesque
  9. mondeo

    mondeo Member

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