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Laptop playing up

Discussion in 'Computer Related Help & Discussion' started by Bettina, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Bettina

    Bettina Well-Known Member

    I have two laptops and one of them is knackered. I think it is. It's still working but very slowly. I've done a defrag - which only slightly increased the speed. It used to be very very fast but now it's just creeping along.

    It's a Sony Vaio Pentium IV and it's got 720MB of RAM. But when I look at the processes in Windows Task Manager - even when no programmes are running, it's using up almost 100% of CPU usage. My other computer, the one I'm on right now is an ACER Travelmate with Pentium M with 500 MB of RAM and it's currently using 2% of CPU power (Photoshop and AOL running!!!). It's flying like the old one used to... :(

    What has happened? What have I done wrong?!! I want to use my Sony because of the screen...
  2. mjc7uk

    mjc7uk Well-Known Member

    Two factors crop into mind.

    1) It could be software issue eg spywares/virus or...

    2) It "sound" like hard drive is about to fail...
  3. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    A defrag almost never makes much difference. Firstly, do a virus check, and also check for adware etc.

    Chances are, though, that you've got all sorts of rubbish starting up, and your registry is full of even more rubbish. I can't remember the free thingy I use, but it works a treat - I'll post a link later.
  4. bench_ubbster

    bench_ubbster Well-Known Member

  5. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Well that's well worth running, but it's not what I use to fix registry problems/delete temp files etc etc
  6. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    I think you mean Start-Up Control Panel

  7. liamjames91

    liamjames91 Well-Known Member

    dont know if im supposed to post stuff like this, but scan for spyware with lavasoft ad-aware se personal, do a virus scan with avast antivirus, and then download tune up utilities (just google for it) and run everything that has to offer, theyre all free and the latter is 30day trial, that everything i have on my laptop and its running SWEEEET!
  8. Cyberdux

    Cyberdux Well-Known Member

    Would agree with the virus's and spyware.. i run zone alarm security suite and spybot once a day to be sure and my pc's (all hand built) run fast and sweet.. My laptop isn't running slow either and that's got Lightroom and photoshop CS3 on it, and even with them running they're not slow!!

  9. Norman

    Norman Well-Known Member

    Start Task Manager and select the 'Processes' tab. Click on the word CPU at the top of the column twice. The first click sorts it in ascending order the second sorts it descending. The 'System Idle Process' should be at the top of the list with around 98% or 99% processor usage. If something else is hogging the processor this will show you what it is. Report back here or Google it.
  10. Wonkydog

    Wonkydog Well-Known Member

    Take a look here,


    They've got loads of advice about this kind of thing.

    How long have you had the laptop and how long since a format? Windows is infamous for leaving stuff behind when you think you are deleting it for good.
    I wipe the C drive and re-install everything about twice a year - it makes all the difference. Just make sure you've got all the install discs for your software.

    Are you familiar with MSCONFIG? (windows own screen for deciding what programs run at startup?)
  11. Bettina

    Bettina Well-Known Member

    I think I've found the culprit!!! It's NAVAPSVC.exe - it takes 68% right after start-up, System Idle 25%

    Found some comments here:


    What can I do? My Norton Anti-Virus Programme is going to expire in a few weeks...

    Will definately download the other programmes mentioned but have to switch computers for that. :)
  12. Gordon_McGeachie

    Gordon_McGeachie In the Stop Bath

  13. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    No, I meant Advanced WindowsCare Personal 2.5 - scans for spyware, resolves registry probs and other system config issues, allows you to disactivate start-up progs, kills temporary files and also your browsing history. Nothing radical about it, but it seems to do a great job.
  14. Gordon_McGeachie

    Gordon_McGeachie In the Stop Bath

    also use windows explorer and go to the `temporary internet files` & `temp` folders and do a manual delete from there.
  15. Wonkydog

    Wonkydog Well-Known Member

    Try Grisoft's AVG if you want a powerfull free antivirus program.
    I use it (links to AVG available from computeractive.)
    Register with them and you get 12 months of updates.
  16. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Indeed you can, and you can also use regedit if you know what you're doing - the software I use is free, and does it all for you (although it leaves you in control) - much easier than doing it manually. I run it once a week, and it's speeded up my machines considerably. Takes much, much less time than a defrag, and does something useful! :)
  17. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Yup, I like AVG too. Although if this machine isn't connected to the net, I don't see a lot of point running AV software on it at all, TBH.
  18. Wonkydog

    Wonkydog Well-Known Member

    You have GOT to know with this one - there's NO recycle bin!
  19. Wonkydog

    Wonkydog Well-Known Member

    I'd still have AV running, sharing photos, songs or other documents could transfer a virus, even if you got these off someone you trust. They could have been infected earlier.
  20. Gordon_McGeachie

    Gordon_McGeachie In the Stop Bath

    I use registry healer to clear my reg of garbage

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