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Lacock Abbey

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by gray1720, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    A bit short notice, this one... I'm off to Lacock Abbey tomorrow - anything else I should find other than that

  2. MicKarchie

    MicKarchie Well-Known Member

    Bit late for your visit but Harry Potter was there. Also the home of photography. i.e. Home of W.H.Fox-Talbot
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2013
  3. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    Hence my remark about the window - though I suppose if I'd thought I could have taken my Argus C3 Matchmatic and used it for photos of the Hairy Blotter locations. Next time... (there WILL be a next time!)

    Well, I'd better report in, hadn't I?

    Some of the usual National Crust caveats apply - eg it's far from cheap if you aren't a member - but the running of the place is done with a light touch. Examples - a "No dogs" sign with a note at the bottom saying "If you are a dog that can read this - woof woof grrr ruff!", and dried teasel heads on the seats of chairs rather than "no sitting" signs. Photography is allowed, no flash though, didn't ask about tripods as I didn't bring one.

    The Fox Talbot museum is small but perfectly formed, as the actress said to the bishop, and currently has a small exhibition of contemporary B&W photography upstairs, which I rather enjoyed. The grounds are fairly typical country house surrounded by parkland, though there is a nice botanical garden which is just getting going now spring has finally got its backside in gear.

    The house itself is a treat - built on the remains of the original Lacock Abbey post-dissolution, it is full of weird and wonderful nooks and crannies, and feels as though any time anything ran out of usefulness, the door was simply closed on it - Tudor brewhouse, anyone? Plus, of course, there's the famous window - according to the guide in the room, back when it was the only thing in the house that you could photograph it was "one in, one out", now you can photograph anything they have maybe one or two people a day stopping. Most odd!

    For lovers of that sort of thing, there's a very pleasant church with some nice pre-reformation features still surviving and a serious excess of memento mori of differing shapes and sizes. In case anyone else is afflicted with tintinnalogia, the bells are really nice to ring and sound good too - though the ringing chamber is definitely for close friends only, it's tiny!

    The village itself is rather surreal - preserved in aspic buildings, but heaving with double yellow lines and modern vehicles jammed in anywhere there is space. If you want to photograph the village, I think weekdays is a good idea - on a Saturday, it's chocka! Beer is good in the George too, apparently a legendary boozer and featured on the front cover of the 2008 Good Beer Guide.

    Right, I hope that helps anyone else who visits - I've blathered on quite enough, good evening everyone!

  4. Nova Invicta

    Nova Invicta Member

    The village itself is also very nice.

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