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Jacobs in administration: source PA News

Discussion in 'News - Discussion' started by CSBC, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. CSBC

    CSBC RIP (News Editor)

  2. AlanClifford

    AlanClifford Well-Known Member

    That's sad.

    I bought my Nikor 80-400 from New Oxford Street a few years ago. They had two and I was able to try the lens on the camera. However, I paid a very large premium over buying on the 'net and now that I am retired, I'd be reluctant to do that again.

    I can't see how high street businesses like this can survive if they have to charge higher prices to cover rental of premises. Maybe it will push high street rents downwards?
  3. 125thAtf8

    125thAtf8 Well-Known Member

    Really, really sad news. Always a good place to shop, Jacobs really came into its own when Jessops turned itself into a rather poor Dixons clone. New Oxford street has many knowledgeable staff and prices that are generally as good or better than "over the road", but unfortunately struggles to compete with online. They can't be beaten for the stocked range of quality bags and tripods and seem to have stayed clear of the rebadged and overpriced generic tat in which Jessops seems to specialise. And joy of joys, they retained a fantastic secondhand stock when it had largely died the death elsewhere.

    I sincerely hope something can be salvaged from the wreckage for the staff, and for the continuation of the idea that its possible in photographic retail to be something better than a glorified vending machine.
  4. MartyG

    MartyG Well-Known Member

    A real shame for such a long heritage company. It would seem that selling re-badged and overpriced generic tat is more profitable.
  5. rjbell

    rjbell Well-Known Member

    Wow is this a bit of a shock or had everyone seen it coming? I really like Jacobs, its sad.
  6. CSBC

    CSBC RIP (News Editor)

  7. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    When Jessops ran into difficulties it probably came as little surprise to many of us, we had seen the way the wind was blowing. This however is a different matter, Jacobs was better run with more knowledgeable staff and sensible levels of stock. It is to be hoped that a buyer can be found, for the sake of the staff, whom I've always found to be pleasant, helpful and not trying to sell, sell, sell and ourselves as customers. In some areas they are the last photo retailer worth patronising. Certainly if I was an employer I would be happy to offer a job to any of the staff from the local branch.
  8. Milambar

    Milambar Well-Known Member

    Well, its sad, but lets face it, quality of service from Jessops has been on a downhill slope for a long while now.

    No matter how knowlegable and friendly the store staff is, they are seriously let down by corporate administration. I mean, I ordered a filter from them that the store didn't have in stock. Another of their stores did (other end of the country tho), but they wouldn't bring it up from that store, they insisted on ordering another from the manufacturer.

    3 months later, I was still without said filter, I called the customer service line and was told that it hadn't even been ordered yet, because I was the only one wanting one, and it wasn't cost effective to order a single one.

    I asked for my money back and got it elsewhere, and stopped shopping there entirely. So yeah, this is sad, but has been coming for a long while.
  9. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    ^ You are criticising Jessops, it is Jacobs that are in administration.
  10. Milambar

    Milambar Well-Known Member

    Oh, oops.

    Need to learn to read.

    Lalala, move along, nothing to see here...
  11. swanseadave

    swanseadave Well-Known Member

    This is very sad.If a company of Jacobs`calibre are in trouble it`s speaks volumes about the dire situation the country`s in.

    I do hope a solution is found quickly.
  12. beejaybee

    beejaybee Marvin

    It's just a reflection of the modern rush to the bottom, in quality as well as price.
  13. daft_biker

    daft_biker Action Man!

    Came as a surprise to me too....and not a nice one:( I've never shopped there but not for any reason other than I'm used to heading to another part of Edinburgh if I want camera gear.....I've popped in for a look but I doubt enough folk would walk past Jessops to get to Jacobs as it seemed to have less stuff and was further to walk from the town centre.

    Although given Jessops had to close down one shop in the centre of town not long before Jacobs opened a shop a door or two further down the same street as the remaining Jessops maybe it shouldn't have been such a great surprise.
  14. Straightarm

    Straightarm Well-Known Member

    One sign of trouble was that they had massively reduced the size of their Leicester store in recent years. It was probably only 1/3 of its former size.
  15. spinno

    spinno Well-Known Member

    I only noticed when I popped in today...the notices in the door made sorry reading....there only appeared to be one assistant in there as well.
    All the gear was there as normal but not reduced to clear....yet:eek:
  16. AGW

    AGW Well-Known Member

    Maybe it will come out in the wash, but perhaps, like Jessops, they expanded too quickly.....and simply met the crunch before they could consolidate the expansion.

  17. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    I think I see where you are coming from but how do you explain Apple's success, they charge premium prices for well built products and are the richest company in the world? Sounds like everybody else is out of step.
  18. IvorETower

    IvorETower Little Buttercup

    Apple makes their own range of products, Jacobs sell other manufacturers' stuff and are competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of similar businesses. Customers are price-conscious and not image-conscious unlike Apple buyers (and anyway the best Apple product IMHO is the Granny Smith).

    TBH I don't know how any High Street store survives. Look at the cost of business rates, business insurance, staff salaries and NI, lighting/heating costs etc and then remember that this has to be met from profit on sales. Then work out the value of sales necessary to generate the profit and.......

    to me, it just doesn't add up
  19. AndyTake2

    AndyTake2 Well-Known Member

    Apple were in the wilderness for Years.
    It wasn't until tech was available to make the imac together with a desire for home tech that was attractive rather than functional that the took off.
    The iPod came at just the right time in tech terms, and is the real reason for their success.
    Their arrogance in charging a fortune for goods nearly killed them in the past.
  20. beejaybee

    beejaybee Marvin

    Well there is money around. Manufacturers of really high quality astro telescopes have 12-24 month lead time order books & are charging > 10x the price of a mass produced Chinese scope of similar specification ... they're definitely better scopes but not 10x as good.

    It's the middle ground which is being eroded by price competition from junk & aggressive price cutting on mid range products, leading to a spiral downwards in manufacturing quality. The high end stuff is holding out just fine. Probably one factor behind this is that the high end stuff tends to be sold direct from manufacturer to end user, there is no wholesaler & retailer to take a profit, or get screwed when the masses start buying direct.

    Nobody carries significant stocks of astro telescopes above the "department store junk" level. You can't see them in stores; they get exhibited & demonstrated by their manufacturers and owners, on line and at "star party" type events. Evidence is that this is the route that serious photography equipment is headed down.

    As for Apple - they're bucking the trend, somehow; how long they can continue is anyone's guess but my feeling is that they see the future in the licensing business, hardware being only a means to access the licensed media.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2012

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