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How to ask for help

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by Lounge Lizard, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Lounge Lizard

    Lounge Lizard Well-Known Member

    Within our membership there is a vast range of expertise and we are willing to share this with you in order to answer your questions.

    However, in order to make this work, here are some general guidelines for using the Help Team board.

    1) If you have a make-specific question, ask it on the appropriate boards further down. This way, you'll attract the attention of people that have the same camera as you and any replies given will then be seen by others with the same make in the future.

    2) Whether you post here or on a make-specific board, do a search first. Often the same question is asked repeatedly (and the same answers given) but searching the vast knowledge base of existing posts may well supply you with an answer very quickly. The forum Search at the top may not be the best but it's a start and there is also the Forum Super Search.

    3) With make-specific enquiries on other boards, the Help Team board is left with more general enquiries that may apply to any camera (problems are not always camera-related and there are boards that can help with computers or technique). By all means use this board for enquiries which are equally relevant to other makes e.g. How do I remove a stuck filter from my Nikon VR lens?

    4) When asking for help, give as much information as possible. We can't read your mind and guessing just wastes our time. This is especially true if you are seeking help with a purchasing decision. Also, simply asking for the 'best' is meaningless unless you define what is 'best' for you - best might encompass size, weight, performance, optical quality, speed and host of other factors though invariably a lot of people associate 'best' with 'lowest price' but unless you tell us, we won't know. Also read the other stickies at the top of the Help Team board - they are there to guide you.

    5) If you query is image-related e.g.What are these strange marks on my images?, try to post an example but remember that we have limits on the size of images you may embed in your post - see the post called Posting Images - Maximum Sizes - Free programs & tutorials on the Monthly Competition board.

    6) Remember that our rules exclude selling and buying through these boards (a topic that has been well-discussed many times - please practice your searching skills if you wish to know more) so please don't offer anything for sale or list a 'want'. Equally, don't try a disguised sale by listing your equipment and asking what it's worth. By all means ask where's the best place to sell your gear (without listing specifics) though that question too is often asked and a quick search will probably suggest eBay without even having to ask the question.

    7) Finally, remember that this is an online community whose members are users just like you. People will visit when they have 5 minutes to spare and answer your queries when they can. Don't expect a flood of detailed answers within 10 minutes of making your post. Nobody is paid to answer posts - we all volunteer to give up our spare time to help others. If we are of service to you and you joined just to ask a question, stick around and contribute to other discussions here. What you discover and learn along the way may be of help to others. In other words, if we help you, return the favour by helping others where you can.

    Note that these boards are moderated, we have rules and we enforce them for the benefit of all. Observe these rules and treat the other members here with the same courtesy that you yourself may expect and you'll get on fine.

    Now read the supplemental notes provided by Huw Evans.
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