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Hi, from Jack.

Discussion in 'Introductions...' started by Snapjack, May 4, 2012.

  1. Snapjack

    Snapjack Member

    Hi everyone, new here and looking forward to being part of the forum and looking at all your photos.

    all the best, Jack.
  2. P_Stoddart

    P_Stoddart Well-Known Member

    Welcome :)

    Don't forget you can present your images as well if you are brave in Appraisal Gallery. :D

    PS: What is maco photography? :p
  3. Bawbee

    Bawbee Well-Known Member

    Hi Jack,

    Welcome to the AP Forums, also known as the 'Spelling Bee' :cool:

    BTW - What's a Manfotto tripod? :p :D
  4. Snapjack

    Snapjack Member

    Thankyou both for the welcome, sorree four the spelin misteaks. :p:eek:

  5. AlexMonro

    AlexMonro Old Grand Part Deux

    Hello, Jack, welcome to AP forums!
  6. lisadb

    lisadb Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum Jack. :)

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