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GX8 Review

Discussion in 'AP Magazine Feedback & Suggestions' started by Bazcook, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Bazcook

    Bazcook New Member

    Interesting but no comparison with GH4 and comment about GH5. Also mentions Sony Alpha 7 competition but NO mention of the mark 2 reviewed just a few weeks ago.....
  2. Andy Westlake

    Andy Westlake AP Staff

    Unfortunately, the space and time limitations inherent in writing for a weekly print magazine mean we can't cover absolutely everything in reviews.

    To answer your questions, if you're serious about video, it's better to get a GH4 over a GX8, if only for such things as the headphone socket and 3.5mm mic connector. If you're mainly interested in stills, and don't mind the side-mounted EVF, then the GX8 is probably a better bet than the GH4 for many users. It's impossible to talk about a GH5, because it doesn't exist yet, although when it does arrive I'd expect it to use the same sensor as the GX8.

    The Alpha 7 is mentioned as competition, rather than the A7 II, mainly on price grounds. The GX8 is around £1000 body only, and you can currently get the full frame A7 for £800, whereas when the review was prepared the A7 II body cost £1400. It's dropped in price considerably in the meantime, to about £1250.

    Andy Westlake
    Technical Editor, Amateur Photographer

  3. Bazcook

    Bazcook New Member

    Very helpful thanks...I am keeping a VERY close eye on all of these.
    Yes I am VERY keen on video but also good quality photos are important to me,

    A challenge is when you go on holiday and want to pack some clothes as well as all the cameras/lenses that you THINK you might need.

    It is quite sobering to see many professionals recommend APC cameras rather than their full frames for obvious reasons (flexibility)

    My main focus at the moment ref how I spend my dosh is WHEN will we ever get a decision on the Canon 5d iv or whatever it will be called.

    Canon CE has already said they are going into the 4/3 market so they no doubt will be competing with the Fuji/Sony/Panasonic/Olympus crowd.... Some professional photography friends say that they would be very happy to turn up at weddings with eg a Fuji X-Pro but the customers expect a large camera for their money!

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