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G16...Oh my......

Discussion in 'Canon Conflab' started by pixelpuffin, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    Recently scored on a canon G16. Got it for much below usual asking prices. This is the first G series I've ever owned.
    Straight after winning the auction I had slight buyers remorse as I had just read that the viewfinder was terrible. But I consoled myself that the price was so damn cheap I'd easily be able to sell on.

    Well the camera arrived and...………….I'm dumbstruck!! Never in a million years did I expect it to be so nice. besides the dslr's and my trusty TZ70 most of my everyday shots are with my phone. The TZ is very nice but the lack of fine detail is beginning grate along with the cameras tendency to deliver "mushy" images. I also recently got a mint TZ90 (not very impressed, don't like the viewfinder at all)

    But the little G16 really is nice, I've already hooked up the 270ex ii and …….well. typical canon it makes flash photography as easy or hard as one likes.

    The G16 lens sure blows both my phone and the tz away, the detail is eye opening considering the small sensor and old technology. Yesterday I had a full afternoon to myself and had planned to take a dslr on walkabout...…..the G16 took the honours whilst the dslrs stayed behind. I loved it.
  2. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith Member

    I absolutely agree - The Canon PowerShot series is absolutely brilliant. I own the G5X Mark II and I still love using it from tim to time. Sometimes, the output reaches DSLR territory and I just cannot believe my eyes.
  3. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    Cheers Michael
    I think yourGSX MkII would deliver even better than the G16
    Truth be told, when it first arrived, it looked as though it had spent sometime on a shelf, unloved. Mucky marks on the body and dust everywhere, the front lens was dusty and had numerous smears from greasy fingers. However after 15min cleaning, it honestly looks as thou it's never been used. Both battery and charger show no signs of scratches from multiple insertions.
    I honestly think it's fabulous. I used the tz70 yesterday afternoon then did the same shot with the G16....no comparison the image was far far sharper, lovely deep colours and contrast to die for. I went and grabbed the 100d which had 18-55mm fitted. Viewing the images on their rear screens, the G16 looked much richer.

    I'm pleased as punch and the fact I can hook up my speedlite's......well that's just brilliant.
  4. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith Member

    Damn, that feels good to read. I am happy you love it so much.
    I prefer using my G5X during traveling because I am not into spending a lot of time and effort on photos when I am with my family. But for normal photography and my solo photography drives and trips, I take my trusty 5D Mark IV.
  5. pixelpuffin

    pixelpuffin Well-Known Member

    Completely agree Michael
    Like you, I tend never to use my DSLR when I'm out with family,
    Infact as of lately the DSLR only now sees use either in the garden or at my sons sports activities.
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