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Free Music Resource for Your Projects

Discussion in 'Web Sites of Interest' started by Eric Matyas, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    We're half way through October...and half way to Halloween...so we have:

    On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page:

    "Ghoulish Fun" (Looping) - Good for Halloween or a Halloween themed piece.


    Here's a piece in the spirit of a bad '70s cop show. It makes me itchy for some reason:

    "Side Burn Squad" (Looping)


    Two new tracks are ready on my Fantasy page:

    "Our Mountain v003" (Looping) - An expanded version of the original that might work in an RPG under opening titles or perhaps somewhere else.

    "Winding Down" (Looping) - Another ending piece, perhaps for a game or animation.


    And two tracks on my Aerial/Drone page:

    "Over a Mysterious Island" (Looping) - What waits for you below? Another track that might sound nice in a drone video…or perhaps a video about an exotic travel destination.

    "Reaching Altitude" (Looping) - I would love to hear this in a drone video…(I’m a huge fan of those.) But might work in a travel video as well.


    Have a good week!
  2. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Well-Known Member


    This week's brand new free tracks are:

    On my City/Urban page:

    "A Walk Through the City" (Looping)
    "Inner City" (Looping)

    On my Dark/Ominous page, two pieces that I think sound pretty intense:

    "Arrival" (Looping)
    "Secret Tunnels" (Looping)


    And on my World (and Aerial) pages:

    "A Thousand Exotic Places" (Looping)
    "Ancient Waters" (Looping)


    With Halloween coming up, I think I'll try to concentrate on my Dark/Ominous pages as well as my Horror/Surreal page. I try very hard to release one new track each day and I post them on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as I publish them (if anyone is interested.)

  3. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Well-Known Member

    Happy Halloween!

    Let the spooky celebration begin with:

    "Quiet Tension" (Looping)
    "Too Quiet" (Looping)
    "Time Running Out" (Looping)

    on my Dark/Ominous page.



    "Bells of Weirdness" (Looping)
    "Surreal Place" (Looping)

    on my Horror / Surreal page.


    Enjoy...and don't eat too much candy! ;-)
  4. krasis

    krasis Member

    Can we use these music for Youtube?
  5. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Well-Known Member

    Lots of people use my tracks in their Youtube videos...enjoy!
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  6. peterba

    peterba Well-Known Member

    Another "Thank you" is (over)due, for all the time and effort that you put in on your music. Many thanks, Eric, for making your output available here, on AP forum. :)
  7. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Well-Known Member

    You're very welcome! :)
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  8. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Well-Known Member


    This week's new free tracks are:

    On my Events/Travel 2 page:

    "Romantic Lands Beckon" (Looping)

    On my Chiptunes 2 page:

    "Pixel Madness" (Looping)

    On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page:

    "Alien Chickawow" (Looping)

    On my Classical Sounding page:

    "Great Minds_v001" (Looping)

    And on my Technology page:

    "Young Visionaries" (Looping)

    I'm also planning to create a new section especially for 2D game art, like sprites and backgrounds. Should be fun. :)
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  9. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks,

    This week's new free tracks are:

    On my Events/Travel 2 page:

    "Trekkin' on Foot" (Looping)

    On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page:

    "Inept '70s Crooks" (Looping)

    On my Quiet/ Peaceful / Mellow page:

    "Cruising Back in Time" (Looping)
    "Valley Sunrise" (Looping)

    And on my Nature / Science 3 page:

    "Crossing the Tundra_v001" (Looping)

    I hope everyone's having a good week. :)
  10. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone,

    This week’s new free tracks are from my Nature/Science page and my Sci-Fi/Space page. They are:

    “Sunrise at the Stream” (Looping)

    “Plankton Triumphs” (Looping) – This one might sound cool in a quirky, slow-paced puzzle game.

    “Lost Meadow” (Looping) – Might sound nice in an RPG or fantasy game.



    “Blazing Stars” (Looping)

    “Information Shutdown” (Looping)


  11. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    This week’s new free tracks are all from my Technology page:

    “Friendly Machines” (Looping)

    “Dance of the Satellites” (Looping)

    “Digital Sunset” (Looping)

    “Corporate Espionage” (Looping)

    “The Triumph of Technology_v001” (Looping)


    Enjoy and have a good week!
  12. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Well-Known Member

    Happy December Everyone,

    Kicking off the new month, this week’s new free tracks are all on my Sci-Fi pages, so…

    On my Sci-Fi 5 page, we have:

    “DRIFTING OFF” – (Looping) - In the far future, perhaps this is what machine-beings will feel like as they quietly shut down for the day to recharge.


    On my Sci-Fi 6 page:

    “STRANDED IN THE ASTEROID BELT” – (Looping) - Millions of miles from home. The crippled ship is all but dead. Can help possibly get there in time?

    “END OF LIFE FOR A MACHINE-BEING” – (Looping) - As it slowly loses consciousness and shuts down.


    And on my Sci-Fi 7 page:

    “CYBER TEEN 2” – (Looping) - Roaming around the night in a futuristic city bathed in neon…perhaps a runaway.

    “ALLEY CHASE” – (Looping) - In a futuristic metropolis.


    I hope some of them are helpful in your projects!

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