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First efforts with VueScan and Nikon Coolscan V

Discussion in 'Digital Image Editing & Printing' started by Ray Proudfoot, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Ray Proudfoot

    Ray Proudfoot Well-Known Member

    Here's my first efforts using a newly acquired Nikon Coolscan V and VueScan Pro.

    At first I chose the film type - Fuji Velvia 100 ASA - but the colours and contrast didn't look right. I was able to improve the image in PE14 with the saved TIFF file but it still wasn't ideal.

    I remember reading somewhere not to bother with a film type and just go with Default. Well I did and the image was much improved. I understand further improvements can be gained by scanning more than once. Haven't tried that yet. Is it worth it?

    I used a diffuser on this shot taken in 1991 which is why it may appear soft. That's intentional. I'll add a couple more tomorrow without a filter. Still learning! :)

  2. taxor

    taxor Well-Known Member

    I used Vuescan (the trial version) in an attempt to find an alternative to NikonScan. I too use a Coolscan V and I tried using the multiple scan facility. TBH, I couldn't make out any obvious difference. I ended up sticking with Nikon's software which gives me excellent results. Looks like you've got pretty decent results already by just using the default settings. You can't always get it right at the scanning stage so don't be afraid to tinker with the image in PS (or whatever you're using) to get it spot on.
  3. Ray Proudfoot

    Ray Proudfoot Well-Known Member

    I considered the Nikon software but that would mean running XP which I didn't want to do. I figured since so many people praised VueScan it must be pretty good.

    And having had two extensive sessions yesterday and today and with some experimentation I'm very happy with the results. The single most powerful feature has to be the right-click on a suitable area of an image to set the white balance. Sometimes that can be difficult. And the dust removal feature is superb. It would take around an hour to remove them by hand.

    Here's another shot this time without a diffuser and it shows the quality of the Cooolscan V. I'm using PE14 to save for web - JPEG of course - as most viewing will be done on a 55" OLED TV with a resolution of 3820*2160. The shots without a diffuser do show too much detail (make-up) but I guess that can be diffused slightly with PE14. Considering the original is being enlarged around 18 times the quality is fantastic. Oh, and compared to the prints the detail visible in darker areas like below is so much better. Even with a decent lab it's very dark. The tonal range is way better with a digitised image.

  4. Terrywoodenpic

    Terrywoodenpic Well-Known Member

    I would scan with out a diffuser, as it is far easier to soften an image than get detail back.

    But you seem to be doing well so far.
    You can sometime get better results using it set to other film types than the actual one. You do not need to rescan, just change the film type and it will process the existing scan..... saves time.....
  5. Ray Proudfoot

    Ray Proudfoot Well-Known Member

    Thanks. It was a diffuser filter attached to my 85mm f2 Zuiko Terry. Digital photography didn't exist in 1991 of course. ;) That young lady is now in her late 40s.

    I did try a few film types but the best results came from Generic. Hardest bit is trying to find a neutral area on a photo to get a good colour balance. But with the same lighting and same film stock once set the colour settings should be good for the lot I would imagine.
  6. taxor

    taxor Well-Known Member

    If you've settled on Vuescan and it works for you, great. You can get NikonScan to work on Windows 8 (I use windows 8 myself) by downloading an updated driver. This isn't an official Nikon update but it still works well. Of course, Vuescan regularly updates so no issues there. Good scan BTW.
  7. Ray Proudfoot

    Ray Proudfoot Well-Known Member

    @taxor , Windows 8! :eek: But if it works for you then fine. Thanks for the nice words. :)
  8. Terrywoodenpic

    Terrywoodenpic Well-Known Member

    You only need to get it as near as you can with Vuescan. You can fine tune it later in PP.

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