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Finding AP in the newsagent

Discussion in 'Weekly Poll' started by Damien_Demolder, Jun 6, 2007.


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  1. Damien_Demolder

    Damien_Demolder Well-Known Member

    Hi all.

    Just want to check how easy it is to buy Amateur Photographer in a newsagent, supermarket or any other over-the-counter store. I never have a problem seeing a copy, but my usual places are railway stations and the supermarket in and around London. Maybe its not the same all over the country.

    So, a mini-survey. Thanks for helping out.
  2. huwevans

    huwevans Not Really Here

    Another option would have been useful for me - I can't remember the last time I saw AP on a newsagent's or supermarket's shelves where I live. Not that it matters, as I'm a subscriber, but I still look for it - old habits die hard! :)
  3. Mojo_66

    Mojo_66 Well-Known Member

    I find WH Smith usually have it, though they do like to move it around a lot, but smaller newsagents often don't have a copy.
  4. Bawbee

    Bawbee Well-Known Member

    I can always find a copy on a Tuesday at either the local Asda/Tesco. If I miss that, I can usually find one at WHS on a Saturday.

    I may consider subscribing again as I quite like the new style - any good 'new' subscriber offers coming up soon (i.e. incentives) ;)
  5. mark_jacobs

    mark_jacobs Retired


    hang on… do you mean (along the lines of)… ;)

    d. I can never find/buy AP over/under the counter …anywhere/ever!

    If that's the case (for anyone) please PM Damien, or myself, with that (or any similar) option(s)

    These polls are SO hard to get right :D
  6. OneTen

    OneTen 'Two Breakfasts'

    It's available in the supermarkets, but not in the local newsagent.
  7. Zou

    Zou Well-Known Member

    Usually it's easy enough, but sometimes there is a gaping hole on the shelf.
  8. mark_jacobs

    mark_jacobs Retired

    Well, I may consider finding out ;)
  9. AlanW

    AlanW Well-Known Member

    Thinking along the lines of upping the readership, and I know it may create distribution problems, but why not stock AP in actual photographic shops? Or maybe offer a trial subscription (?two months) with purchases of say DSLR's?

    Anyway, I've noticed when folk are browsing the shelves in my local Tescos they tend to go for the monthlies - possibly because they're more visible and as someone else mentioned there's usually a hole where AP should be (not sure if that's good sign or not!). And of course, when its sealed in a plastic bag no-ones browses it :(

  10. huwevans

    huwevans Not Really Here

    That was what I meant - where I live I haven't seen it on the shelves for several years. In fact that's why I actually started subscribing.
  11. TimF

    TimF With as stony a stare as ever Lord Reith could hav

    Like Huw, I'm a subber, but still look for the magazine on the shelves. Maybe I have an advantage in knowing what the cover looks like beforehand, but I've not found it a problem to spot AP since the "new look" came in like some have suggested. On the other hand, the white ground and red lettering of the old style mag stood out from the pack nicely.
  12. Carrie

    Carrie Well-Known Member

    I haven't had to find it for a while as it now turns up regular as clockwork (albeit a clock that sometimes runs fast / slow / stops altogether / has bits fall off)

    I used to have to go into town to Smiths as local newsagents and Tesco's didn't seem to have it. Now we have a Waitrose there's no problems, it seems to be there most weeks.
  13. Hwntws

    Hwntws Well-Known Member

    I can usually find AP in Smiths locally, but on occassions can't find it anywhere, Smiths, supermarkets or other newsagents.
    I must say that I'm having more difficulty in finding AP amongst all the other mags. since front cover has changed, it just merges into the general mix
  14. Carrie

    Carrie Well-Known Member

    I'd agree with that.
  15. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    I couldn't agree less. I simply don't understand this particular criticism - it doesn't look remotely like the other mags. If you mean it doesn't look the same as it did before and you can't remember what it looks like now, that's a rather different issue. ;)
  16. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    Following the recent changes, I've found it more difficult to spot on the crowded shelves. The key features and colours of the cover and masthead seem to be change from week to week. I felt that this week's copy where the first few letters of "photographer" were over-printed with a yellow thingie worse than most week's copies.

    It was OK once I got inside the magazine.

    I'd like to buy my copy on Tuesdays from my local Co-op. Too often, particularly around this time of year with its frequent bank holidays, I find that it's late, and to ensure that I get my copy, I tend to buy it from WH Smith in Central Milton Keynes, or more recently, Borders. (Strangely, the lateness doesn't seem to apply to these other outlets!)

    Buying other than at my local shop isn't anywhere near so green.
  17. jchrisc

    jchrisc Well-Known Member

    W H Smith in Bedford; Martins in Bedford or Ampthill; Waitrose in Ampthill - all have it on a Tuesday morning.

    When I was in the Lake District recently I saw it in a small newsagents in Cockermouth with 20p off!
  18. Dave_Cox

    Dave_Cox Well-Known Member

    I subscribe for my copy, but Tescos, W H Smiths etc always seem to have it on the shelves around my area.
    I don't agree with the criticism of the headet either - I see it easily enough.
  19. radiogandy

    radiogandy Well-Known Member

    The reason I'm not a 'subber' is that we go away quite a lot and delivery to my home address would not ensure that I get my weekly fix. Wherever we've been though, I've always found a copy in W.H.Smiths.
  20. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

    I didn't reply to the poll, as it is hardly relevant in my case. I get the first one off the 'plane here, because the importer/distributor is a client. I visit them every Thursday and the nice young lady in reception brings me my copy with a cup of coffee. :cool:

    Late but great and worth the wait! :D

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