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Exhibition experiences

Discussion in 'AP Magazine Feedback & Suggestions' started by Trannifan, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Trannifan

    Trannifan Well-Known Member

    As a sort of comment on Roger's article, here are a few of my experiences.......
    My first exhibition was divided between the theatre across the road and a physiotherapy practice in town. There were no problems about hanging pictures at the physio's - she'd gone to the trouble of putting up a curtain rail with the appropriate hanging wires. The theatre was a different matter, I was in the cafe rather than the actual gallery and this posed a few problems. Wall lighting determined how many pictures I could hang, nails weren't allowed(!) and so I ended up hanging the pictures from the wall lighting. Trying to do things 'properly', I'd gone for properly framed prints with glass......at a format of 40 x 60 cm things get heavy, which doesn't make hanging any easier and, to cap it all, I haven't got a car to transport the things.
    For my second exhibition in the theatre cafe I'd taken the advice of a friend and switched to having prints made on canvas which are much lighter and easier to transport. However, the 'no nails' problem was still there but the curator had an answer - adhesive 'power strips'! They stuck to the wooden frames of my pictures with no problem, however, the walls weren't quite smooth enough which meant that now and again a picture would drop down, but luckily without being damaged.
    Then there was the exhibition in the optician's shop window.........I had to devise a hanging arrangement which made use of the mesh around the window lighting - picture hooks fixed to nylon wires with 1.5cm. long pieces of dowel at the other end which I could slip into the holes in the mesh!
    The art society I belong to insists on pictures for exhibition being fitted out with proper hanging attachments. However, at this years members exhibition I discovered that they don't always use them - my contribution was set up for two hooks/nails but they'd only used one nail and just balanced my picture on it! Why did I bother?
    All of my pictures, irrespective of format (40 x 40, 40 x 50, 40 x 60 cm.), have two hanging points which of course requires bit of work with a spirit level and something to balance it on. I use a piece of plastic angle about 80cm. long, which is, I think, actually intended for covering up angles on kitchen furniture(?).

  2. John Worsnop

    John Worsnop In the Stop Bath

    Where is the article referred to please.
    I am interested because I I have just opened an email xhibition of twenty five of my photos and twenty five paintings not by me. An interesting experience.
  3. Trannifan

    Trannifan Well-Known Member

    AP Homepage > Technique > Expert advice

  4. John Worsnop

    John Worsnop In the Stop Bath

  5. John Worsnop

    John Worsnop In the Stop Bath

    Found it.
    Well worth reading with good advice about how to do it better next time.

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