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Essex Coastal Locations

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by Photographystev, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Photographystev

    Photographystev Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I Live in Chelmsford Essex and if anyone lives around there or is planning to visit the coastal line, I can suggest some really lovely places with great photographic possibilities..
    Bradwell has to be at the top of my list .. with 2 Marinas on the west side great for sunsets and on the east side is St Peters church off the wall .. with a very secluded beach under National Trust protection.
    Maylandsea will be second with great views of the estuary and moored boats.
    For images please have a look at the Albums which I have created in my profile or on my website.
    There is also Fambridge marina, Tollesbury marina, and the lock system from Maldon all the way to Chelmsford and beyond.
    There are many more places which I have yet to venture to so if anyone has any more places in essex I will be pleased to hear them.
  2. flaresnslippers

    flaresnslippers Active Member

    Cheers mate. Was looking for somewhere quite local to go on Sunday. Think it will be Bradwell :)
  3. Photographystev

    Photographystev Well-Known Member

    There are great locations near little Baddow called Treasure Island which is the lock system just below Boreham down Damases lane...
    Others are Maldon boat yard and Maldon Golf Course..
    Also Channels Golf Course with has deer roaming about...
    Mersea Island best place there is Cudmore National trust area...
    Wallesea Island .. there is a Marina with a long sea wall.

    Bradwell is best at waterside Marina .. there is a car park there ( costs £1 ) and just let the harbour master know you are taking pictures there.

    Best place for Sunsets is really Maylandsea......... park in marine parade near the pub and have a walk through the boatyard and up on the sea wall past the marina and the local boat club for some great potential.;)
  4. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    I've been meaning to explore my natal county more for years (decades...), and will definitely have to take some inspiration from these. You have obviously got an eye for the right light and the best skies, some smashing photos of places I've managed to make look very dull.


    (PM incoming with a little website critique)
  5. Photographystev

    Photographystev Well-Known Member

    Hi Adrian,

    Thank you for the kind comments, but I am just lucky sometimes and I have only shown the better images LOL there are lots of bad ones.
    Just had a look at your images and they are brilliant .. your Black and whites really need an album all to themselves .. and some of those snowy sunsets are fab :D
    No dull images from you sir.
  6. George W Johnson

    George W Johnson Well-Known Member

    I love the Essex coastline, such a shame it never gets the coverage it deserves!

    Southend-on-Sea, just before Shoeburyness.
    That wonderful hut in the creek just before you cross onto Wallsea Island.
    The beautiful creeks just before Walton-on-the-Naize.
    St Pauls on the edge just past Bradwell.
    Tollesbury is another wonderful place, catch the sunrise/sunset over the creeks and the lightship moored there.
    Mersea Island with those iconic painted beach huts ( I will get a decent shot of those one day! ), the boats moored on the west end of the island.
    Batemans Tower at Brightlingsea.
    The rocky wave breaks at Jaywick.
    The beach at Clacton on low tide at sunrise/sunset, like a magical natural mirror of wet sand.

    Start a campaign to put Essex on the map! It might not beat the splendor of Cumbria or the wilderness of Northumberland but it's got bags of character and has not been photographed to death. Ha ha!
  7. 0lybacker

    0lybacker In the Stop Bath

    What about good old Frinton-on-Sea? Great beach!
  8. Photographystev

    Photographystev Well-Known Member

    Great Locations you mentioned Fuzzy and Frinton Oly. I have been to a number of these but lots more await ... I am in 2 minds to get Essex on the map ... Yes I agree would be great to see more of the silvery mud at Maylandsea get photographed more but I want these places for us Essex guys ... its a tricky one .. Sible Hedingham is one of the most beautiful places I have been to and must go back when and if the snow falls ... I may even camp there just to get them first snow images ...
  9. Photographystev

    Photographystev Well-Known Member

    Sorry meant Finchingfield ..... not been to Sible Hedingham yet !!!
  10. GlennH

    GlennH Well-Known Member

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