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EOS 1000D Wont switch on.

Discussion in 'Canon Conflab' started by HappySnapper65, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. I have an EOS 1000D that has decided not to work, was working fine then suddenly wont switch on, has anybody got any ideas that may help.

    Plenty on the Net about 450D's with similar fault, nothing I can find about the 1000D.

  2. Old git

    Old git In the Stop Bath

    Where did you buy it from?
  3. Chris Cool

    Chris Cool Retired

    You've done all the battery checks I assume, like checking they are not worn out and fully charged. Cleaned the contacts etc? ;)
  4. I bought the Camera Second Hand, Private Sale, so no Warranty I have tried different battery, checked/cleaned contacts, the backup battery on the 1000D isnt removeable, so cant check that,

    Is there an internal fuse like the 450D has, any help will be appereciated, it would seem that this is a Camera thats not going to be a viable repair, unles I can do it myself, the usual repairers are talking £120 + Plus post and VAT.

  5. Old git

    Old git In the Stop Bath

    Given what a 1000d costs, how does it not seem viable?

    Depending on what you paid for it of course.....
  6. Chris Cool

    Chris Cool Retired

    Is the battery compartment fully closed - needs to be to switch on.

    Leave the battery out overnight. Could just be a software glitch...
  7. Old git

    Old git In the Stop Bath

    The back up battery isn't meant to power up the camera, it just retains details like time and date etc

    Your main battery is probably flat
  8. Used Price seems to be round the £180 mark, less on Ebay.

  9. Tried new battery in Jessops, checked mine on another Camera, worked OK.
    I know the backup wont power up the camera, but lots of mentions on Google about doing that on the 350/400 cameras.

  10. Old git

    Old git In the Stop Bath

    Looks like you're stuffed then :(
  11. Thanks for the efforts, I have been offered one with Grip for £180, so I think thats the way to go.


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