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Dorset locations

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by Caline, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Caline

    Caline Well-Known Member

    I am still trying to decide my location for a short break week after next. I have been looking at Wales and I am grateful for all the suggestions posted of areas to visit and photograph.

    I am, however, wondering about not travelling so far and am looking at Dorset. I would love to do some costal photography and some walking too.

    So...I am after suggestions of areas to visit in Dorset so I can weigh up Wales against Dorset and make a decision. Does anyone live in the Dorset area or has anyone visited before and has suggestions?

    Many thanks

  2. Rustyknight

    Rustyknight Well-Known Member

    If you want coastal, and like walking, try the Lulworth Range walks. Spectacular views with some demanding paths between Kimmeridge and Lulworth Cove, with Durdle Door close by.

    However, the walks are normally only open at weekends and some holidays, as the army like to play with their toys the rest of the time. Also, stepping off the marked paths can have dire consequences..... :eek:

    Have a look HERE for dates when the walks are open. You should be able to Google "Lulworth Range walks" and turn up lots of info and photos.

    In the last few weekends, I've been lucky enough to to the stretch of the coast from St Albans Head to just west of Durdle Door. Loads of photos that I've been thinking of putting onto Flickr, but not got round to it yet.

    Sore feet as well..... :D

    If you go for it, do a bit of research about places to park and routes. The villages of Kingston, Tyneham (£2 all day), and Lulworth Cove (£5 all day) provide ideal spots for circular or "there and back" walks of up to 14 miles or so....
  3. Bawbee

    Bawbee Well-Known Member

    Hi Caline,

    There a few forum members who live in Dorset and they will advise you better than I can.

    I used to work at Wytch Farm and lived in Wareham for a while. Wareham itself is very picturesque and heading towards Swanage you pass Corfe Castle, where you can find a variety of points for shooting at different angles.

    Swanage is a typical beach town with a distinct character. Along the coast there is Kimmerridge and Durdle Door. Follow the coast to Weymouth and then head inland for some enspiring 'Olde World' villages.

    As I said, the locals will be along soon, but if you don't fancy the journey to Wales, Dorset will give you a variety of challenges.

    Wherever you decide, Enjoy :cool:
  4. Dorset_Mike

    Dorset_Mike Grumpy Old Fart

    The Southwest coast path starts on the South side of Poole harbour entrance and goes all the way round the coast to Clevedon on the Bristol Channel.

    I'm not suggesting you do the lot in a couple of days, but there are some very good sections on the first part from Studland down to Lulworth Cove and beyond. Main problem is picking you start and finish points for the day or part of day you want to walk.

    Ideally you need to start say at some location served by a car park and/or a bus service. The idea being to park, then walk x miles to a place you can catch a bus back to the car park, the alternative being to walk so far then turn round and retrace your steps to the car park.

    Once you get past Swanage there are few if any bus routes that run every day.

    Studland along the north side of Ballard Down out to Old Harry rocks and then continuing along the south side of Ballard Down to Swanage, this is mainly cliff top walking;

    From Studland to Old Harry you will mainly have views northward across Poole bay with Bournemouth in the distance, or if a clear day then the Isle of Wight may be visible. Old Harry rocks themselves are worth a few shots. Along the south side of Ballard down views to the South and West across Swanage bay, Swanage itself has quite a few photo opportunities and some excellent chippies.

    Continuing south from Swanage back up onto the cliffs, there is a wild life centre (Dolphin watch) at Durlston head. Also some caves, but I'm not sure if they are still accessible.

    Turning west you pass Dancing ledges, rock ledges that extend a bit out to sea, then comes Seacombe, the Winspit St Albans head and Chapman's pool. Just inland from these is Worth Matravers, don't miss the Square and Compass, some years it gets voted into best pub in the region and once made national winner. Views on this section will be mainly along the coast, nothing to see southwards apart from the occasional boats.

    Buses occasionally from Worth Matravers to Poole or Swanage IIRC.

    Inland a bit you have Corfe Castle ruins, the Swanage preserved steam railway, Wareham and quite a lot of villages. All building in the area must be done with the local Purbeck stone which makes for some very nice cottages and houses.

    Definitely worth a few days.

    Cheers MIKE
  5. Rustyknight

    Rustyknight Well-Known Member

    I've put about 30 photos taken on the coast path between Chapmans Pool and Durdle Door on my Flickr pages HERE if you fancy looking before leaping..... :D
  6. Ellie527

    Ellie527 Well-Known Member

    The other end of Dorset is nice too, Christchurch town and the estuary as well as Hengistbury Head, Mudeford and so on.
  7. Rustyknight

    Rustyknight Well-Known Member

    Quite true. Add to the list the Isle of Portland and the Bill with the old quarry workings, and then on down past Chesil Beach to Charmouth and Lyme Regis for fossils and the Cobb......

    That should keep any photographer quiet for a few days! ;)
  8. Gordon_McGeachie

    Gordon_McGeachie In the Stop Bath

    The `Blue Pool` is nice to walk round on a warm day.
  9. Carrie

    Carrie Well-Known Member

    I agree with the suggestions made already.

    If you'd like some sports shots then Poole harbour (at Sandbanks) is a prime location for windsurfers and kitesurfers.

    You can get the chain ferry over from Studland if you don't want to drive round from the Purbecks to Poole.
  10. Caline

    Caline Well-Known Member

    Thank you! So many suggestions. I am only going for a few days but will have to go back again to see the rest! So, where is a good place to be based to see Dorset?
  11. Hotblack

    Hotblack Dead Horse Flogger

    Dorchester is pretty well placed but Swanage may be better if you spend more time in the Purbeck area.

    If you want to be on the coast, Weymouth has plenty of accomodation and is just 10 minutes or so from Dorchester.
  12. ryanh

    ryanh Well-Known Member

    i love dorset most places are nice, lyme regis is nice, bridport has a good saturday market also westbay you can get some good shots of the jurassic cliffs there, also has a nice harbour and the fleet are all great , you will get plenty of shots so make sure you take plenty of memory cards or flim . if you drive try to pop around most of the places people have commented on nowhere down there is very far away on the dorset coast have fun happy snapping :D

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