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Do cyclists have to be slim to wear Lycra?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Learning, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    Actually your bike, like every other has two at the front and two at the rear because the wheel axle is fitted in a slot called a fork. Thus you have two arms at the front each with a fork at the end and two triangles at the back each with a fork at the end.
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  2. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Interesting, my forks have campagnolo ends, which is the terminology I recall. Although I have only ever heard the plural used ( and its ~45 years plus since I rode seriously) looking at the shorter OED the singular seems more appropriate.
  3. daft_biker

    daft_biker Action Man!

    They are called dropouts on bikes.

    And my main bike has a through axle on the fork. Full suspension downhill bikes often have through axles on the rear too. Still only one fork though.

  4. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    That doesn't actually stop them from meeting the definition of a fork.
  5. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    In answer to the original question - you don't have to wear Lycra to be slim...

    Canon Eos 5D_one 8GB 08 IMG_3413.JPG
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