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DigitaPhotoPro (DPP) 4 & AF point display

Discussion in 'Canon Conflab' started by El_Sid, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Hi Steve, yes, I checked. With BBF there is no AF point marker in DPP. If normal focus (on shutter release) is enabled the AF marker appears in DPP. This was using a dedicated AF ON button on a 5Ds and with a specific off-centre AF point selected.

    Also I noticed (to my great annoyance) there is no actual AF point confirm using manual focus on those models using an LCD information overlay on the viewfinder. You get a focus confirm but the actual point where focus is reached is not shown. This is a pain using a TSE. On the 5D (and presumably 5D ii) with manual focus all the points achieving focus would light which was useful to show the plane of focus using tilt. I've moaned about this before so sorry for the repetition.
  2. daft_biker

    daft_biker Action Man!

    FWIW I've never seen the MP-E confirm focus on any camera I've used it on.

    Quite like the focus confirm on my TS-E though...I'd miss that too.
  3. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Curious isn't it. You'd think that focus confirm would get more rather than less informative as the viewfinder display gets more sophisticated. I presume that the mirrorless bodies will in time be better able to indicate focus in the viewfinder for macro and for TSE work. For the meantime it seems "something somewhere is in focus" will have to do.
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  4. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    Thanks for testing Pete. Although I should be able to see where focus was achieved just by looking, it is helpful to have it confirmed by a AF marker.

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