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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Surfin' Fella, Nov 7, 2000.

  1. Surfin' Fella

    Surfin' Fella New Member

    Now then, I am pretty dissapointed when my prints come back from developing, and being an amateur it isn't too uplifting is it?, and they are of poor quality. I have tried a local "Klick", who are satisfactory. I thought they were good until i got my photos developed at "Jessops". Being the 'No. 1 in photography' i thought i'd give them a try. I was very impressed with the outcome it was the first set of pictures i took with my new camera. Can anyone please tell me of any better developers you have come across?Any response would be appreciated. Thanks,

  2. nikpiks

    nikpiks Member

    Jessop's is a good choice. Many of their Branches nowadays have 'in house' facilities using digitally enhanced imaging techniques, so you can actually see what they're doing - and you also have the chance to eyeball the lab technician to either praise or complain to him(or her) as the case may be ! I've not heard any bad reports. There are no doubt 'better' processors, but inevitably, you get what you pay for. For really top-class, hand finished prints you're talking of places like Joe's Basement and other top pro labs. But you're also talking top prices....
    If you're happy with Jessop's - stick with 'em.

  3. Raz

    Raz Well-Known Member

    ive tried neally everybody i can for processing,
    being honest there isnt one i can find thats even acceptable. Ive taken up the laborious task of doing all my own printing now, im still useless at colour but just doing one colour and exposure test strip, i get a better print than most places!! the bizarre thing i found is that.. no where actually gives me sharp prints.. most noteably jessops! its incredible the amount of diffrence just focusing correctly under the enlarger can make on a lab print! i shouldnt think they have inferior equipment so i cant see any excuse for this. useing labs i always feel like giving up photography i look at pro's work and just think they are a million times better than me. but to be honest doing all the pritning myself i get just as good results, it also means i can correct many things you just couldnt explain to a lab. having good prints makes me want to take more pictures, which is the important thing.
    i hate jessop's they are soo moody and unhelpfull im sure they hire everyone that macdonalds doesnt. there service and prices are so poor. they really lack the informal attitude that indepdant and caring shops have, they give the worst advice recommending the wrong equipment. i hate the monoply they are starting to have over the UK.
    photography is such an amzing creative and social tool. independant retailers are going down the pan thanks to money grabbing fools like jessop's. someone that will rely on your business like the owner of a shop actually working in the shop as apposed to some guy/girl getting paid X amount an hour what ever they do.
    this country's photography retail industry is being murderd by jessops.
    i think its time we boycotted them. they may be number one.. but only becuase they stamp out the competetion.
    sorry but loads of amateur's i know are giving up photography thanks to shoddy develping mainly from jessops. its a sad state of affairs.

    always looking for new work
  4. David Stout

    David Stout Well-Known Member

    Raz said...

    "...sorry but loads of amateur's i know are giving up photography thanks to shoddy develping mainly from jessops. its a sad state of affairs."

    Equally I know lots of amateurs taking up photography because they can now do their own printing via their computer thus avoiding the problem...

    Nevertheless, I hear lots of complaints about poor quality but just how many folk take their prints back and complain to the manager that the quality is just not acceptable. If we all complained enough then they might just take notice. Taking your business elsewhere won't solve the problem because for each person that gives up Lab X, just as many try Lab X because they are fed up with Lab Y so the labs don't see any appreciable drop in business.

    What is apparent from this thread is that even the same chain can't give consistent quality. I feel a lot of it depends on the skill of the operator and the diligence with which they clean the machines and change the chemicals.

    David R Stout

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