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Discussion in 'Appraisal Gallery' started by tijotjc, May 7, 2015.

  1. tijotjc

    tijotjc Well-Known Member

    Camera: Nikon D5100
    Lens: Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5


    Thanks for looking :)
    Please let me know what you think.
  2. RovingMike

    RovingMike Crucifixion's a doddle...

    Sorry, it is just a very straight record. Not really sharp and something nasty top right.
  3. tijotjc

    tijotjc Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply :)
    I didn't understand what you meant by straight record. There is not much framing one can do when taking a macro shot of a tiny flower on grass (at least that is what I think).

    And the thing on the right corner is the bud of a Dandelion left after it was blown away by the wind. I tried taking it off the frame but, thought the picture was better with it in there. But hey, that's just me :)

    BTW, do you ever give positive reviews? :p
  4. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

  5. alfbranch

    alfbranch Well-Known Member

    Its not a great dandilion shot.

    Its not easy to get to the shot on photobucket and when you do there is no exif data so its not easy to see what you did.

    The backgorund is too cluttered IMO it could be more out of focus.
    The focus is too far back so the front of the flower is not in focus.

    Carefully plucking it and moving it away from the background would sort the cluttered background. suuporting the dandilion and using a tripod with live view and manual focus would help get the focus where it is needed.

    This is not macro really but close up.

    Have another go but put more time and thought into it as it would a good exercise to learn from.
  6. tijotjc

    tijotjc Well-Known Member

    Thanks Alf

  7. RovingMike

    RovingMike Crucifixion's a doddle...

    To the last point yes. Someone did a quick count one time and found I did more positive than negative, which surprised me slightly.

    Really there just isn't much positive to say about this particular one. It is nowhere near macro. No decision appears to have been taken on where the plane of focus would run and anything that catches the eye and hangs off the side is going to kill it stone dead in any competition at any level. Background is a bit too intrusive too. But we do see this shot done quite well every season, so that does colour things a bit.
  8. Craig20264

    Craig20264 Well-Known Member

  9. YoshiK1

    YoshiK1 Well-Known Member

    I do agree with what Mike is saying.

    Here's the constructive criticism that might help:

    You've stumbled across a dandelion, pointed your camera at it from where you stood and took the picture. We all see dandelions like this in normal everyday life. Try changing up the angles. Instead of from the top why not show us what they look like from the bottom because it's not something we can relate to thus making it more interesting. What about a half blown one? Or one that only has one wish hanging onto the stem?

    Also the focus of the photo is the dandelion and not the bud. You want us to look at the dandelion and when we do we see the bud in the corner and it distracts us from what you want us to see. We want to see the beautiful dandelion not a horrid bud. It's not party of this story you're trying to tell.

    P.S. remember that photography is subjective. If you like it and you think it's good then that's you're opinion and you should be happy with that. On the flip side you've asked for critique on the photo so we're only giving you our opinions.
    Last edited: May 8, 2015
  10. tijotjc

    tijotjc Well-Known Member

    Hi YoshiK,

    Thanks for the critique. I will try to apply your comments to my future shots :)

  11. tijotjc

    tijotjc Well-Known Member

    First of all, thanks to all who replied :)
    After hearing all your comments, I took a second crack at editing the picture. Please let me know what you think of this one.

  12. RovingMike

    RovingMike Crucifixion's a doddle...

    Well it is more of a study and less of a snapshot, but the problem for me is still the focal point. It just doesn't look sharp anywhere. You have two choices: the top edge of the white tendrils, or the yellow mass of seed pods. Which did you intend? If the latter, you probably needed to be even further in, possibly past 1:1 to get a kind of explosion of lines. The canopy just softens it all. I think I'm seeing it on the stems about 1cm below the top.

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