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Daily Telegraph on the Make ?

Discussion in 'News - Discussion' started by perkeo, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

    I'll be laughing at that as well because they'll be headlines in the newspapers saying that people shouldn't carry equipment that can used for photography as they might injure themselves!

    Kinda like running in front of a train at a level crossing when the lights are flashing and the gates are closed. Ban level crossings, or leave them as a way of proving Darwin right? :)
  2. sey

    sey Well-Known Member

    While some other civilian twit will phone-cam that little incident just before another bus flattens him!

    Oh will the circle be unbroken.......
  3. snapperlondon

    snapperlondon Well-Known Member

    Judging by news coverage of the fire yesterday it really is only a matter of time before someone dies...did anyone see those idiots with the camcorder?! And I bet the media who is encouraging such stupid behaviour will refuse to take any of the blame!

    On the whole (with some exceptions) pros do know how to behave in dangerous situations... many 'citizen journalists' clearly do not! Is it really worth risking your life just for a few minutes of fame?

    I agree with Burgy, and lets hope that when one of these idiots does cause an accident it is them who come off worse and not some poor firefighter or paramedic who has to go and rescue them from their own stupidity! :(
  4. Leif

    Leif Well-Known Member

    That is irrelevant. All that matters is that India can do it much cheaper. That's why Nokia have moved stack development overseas, and why Racal Instruments, Anritsu and the other bigs names have offices full of Indian contractors.

    Isn't Schadenfreude wonderful!

    I guess you are experiencing the impact of digital, the instant image, and instant communications. So now the amateur can get images to the news desk almost as quick as you. Instant comms is one reason why India can now compete in software development, help desks and banking.

    Someone should unplug the internet while we still have a chance ... Now where did that off switch go ... yup that's the one, just give it a gentle push ...

  5. TimF

    TimF With as stony a stare as ever Lord Reith could hav

    Shouldn't that be "help desks" ;) I'm afraid that Indian-sourced cold calling makes me even more angry than UK ones - simply because sometimes (most in fact) I find it very difficult to make out what the person is saying due to their accent; not that person's fault of course, and the problem is often exacerbated by the usual 'open office' background noise, which almost makes it sound like a party is going on somewhere, but it is certainly rather more than merely counter-productive when the object is to try and sell a product or service. Added to that is the policy of announcing themselves using a 'normal' British name, when the aforementioned accent is such a giveaway. I'm not sure whether such a practice just annoys the hell out of me, or is merely risible in its stupidity.

    When it comes down to the nitty gritty though, the "instant comms" thing is just a red herring to cover up the obvious fact that these companies are just profiteering. When they move staff or production overseas to take advantage of lower labour costs, do the prices come down also to match this? Of course they don't.
  6. Burgy

    Burgy In the Stop Bath

    How can that be irrelevant, you can reduce your margins and compete OK income is down, but to compete on a cost basis you cannot compete with FREE.

    Now as it happens I don't have to lower my price and I am doing reasonably well (as are many of my colleagues) Anyone worth their salt will still win the business.

    And you would be guessing wrongly. My business has been untouched by the proliferation of digital amongst Joe Public.

    On an aside Joe Public seem to want their pictures on TV where muzzy crap is acceptable (hell the TV cameramen can't even focus on a static subject in an interview, but get the background pin sharp) So that suits me.
  7. Leif

    Leif Well-Known Member

    pressfotographer: It is irrelevent that they charge because the rates of Indian workers are so low that we cannot compete. There's no point. That's also why manufacturing has largely moved overseas too.

    And when I referred to "you" I used the term in the plural sense to refer to everyone here complaining about 'amateurs' giving away pictures.

    Like you I am good enough to get work at a decent rate despite the competition. Some companies still recognise the difference a skilled UK based worker makes. But the less skilled no longer find work. Which is sad.

  8. nanstallon

    nanstallon Well-Known Member

    Whether we like it or not, any business will buy as cheaply as possible and that includes labour. Similarly it will sell for the maximum price it can get. If it behaves any differently, the shareholders and stockmarket dealers will get nervous.

    This means using Indian workers because they will (at present, but they aren't stupid - far from it!)accept lower wages, and selling to Brits who are so stupid as to pay rip-off prices. They call Britain 'Treasure Island'.

    No use moaning about it. If anyone feels strongly about it, the answer is two fold:
    1. Only buy stuff from companies that use British labour and hope the bl***y thing doesn't fall apart.
    2. Realise that companies selling stuff are out to rip you off, and stop being a mug!

    I follow 2 because it's true. I don't follow 1 because that Indian guy has kids to feed, the same as I have, and just as much right to earn a living as us spoilt Western brats!

    Welcome to the real global world!

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