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D. Accessory - YouPro YP-860 Wireless Camera Remote Control

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by Malcolm_Stewart, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    Thinking about how to take some important family photographs, I decided that some of them should be taken with me in the frame, and using remote control - rather than using delayed action, and then running to join the group. I then discovered that my Eos 1D Mk IV doesn't have an Infra-red Remote Control Sensor, although my less pro bodies are fitted with one. Several wireless remote controls came up via a search, and I chose this one supplied by Amazon. It arrived less than a day after my placing the order.

    By having a simple jack and a choice of cables dedicated to different manufacturer's cable release interfaces, it can cover a vast range of camera models. It's a two part unit, with the receiver designed to fit on the camera's flash socket, secured via a locking wheel. The receiver has an On-Off switch as well as a button allowing control of the camera via the remote control socket. The control unit has a Mode Slider offering Single, Multi, Bulb* and a 4s delayed action mode; and a taking button. (*This also allows motor drive sequences, if required.)
    A half press on the taking button can cause the camera to AF, and a full press takes the photo. The range is claimed as being 100m+. I tested mine at a measured range of 45m, and it fired the camera and flash, and took my snap OK. Inside the battery compartments on both units, there's a switch allowing channel selection from 16 channels in the FSK 2.4G spectrum. The receiver uses a 2CR2 battery, and the control unit 2x AAA. These are included in the pack, along with sachets of silica gel, and instructions.

    The only problem I had was attaching the hand loop to the control unit, which required me to use some fine wire to capture the end of the loop. If you want to use a camera mounted flash, the receiver unit can hang from the camera with the YouPro cable looped round the camera strap. Being radio controlled, orientation isn't an issue.

    One advantage over my Canon RC-1 IR units, is that I don't have to have the control unit in line of sight of my camera.

    Feel? Whilst doing my searches, I came across criticism of the flimsy nature of some similar units. To me, the YouPro 860 feels more than solid enough, and both units are well finished, and have operation indicator LEDs.

    Mine cost less than £23 including postage.

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