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Cottingley Fairies

Discussion in 'Appraisal Gallery' started by Robert Crabtree, Feb 13, 2018.

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  2. RovingMike

    RovingMike Crucifixion's a doddle...

    Interesting, but still not forming really interesting shapes for me. I'm sure luck and persistence are key.
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  3. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    I don't get it really. What are you trying to do?
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  4. To show there are other subjects to photograph in an unseen world if you have an open mind and patience. Try it you might be surprised at the results. No fancy full spectrum or infra red or full frame cameras needed. In fact i have had best results so far with a Nokia camera phone although i am still experimenting. The world of fairies and Divas is a new venture for me so i am hoping for better results in time. I have had good results with full size spirits of humans that lived here in the past and will post some of these soon. I'm only trying to get people to have an open mind and try something different, Rob
  5. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    That would make you the first photographer in history to achieve such a feat - unless like all the other people who have claimed to have photographed such things it's a hoax. (see here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cottingley_Fairies for the classic example of the genre)
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  6. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    The shapes you've captured are classic smoke shapes though, and it looks like smoke, so we're going to assume it's smoke.

    [​IMG]Smoking! by Tony Evans, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Off-camera Flash by Tony Evans, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Rope (Hulk Mode) by Tony Evans, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Stick by Tony Evans, on Flickr

    Mine look sharper, but I don't see any significant difference in structure over all.

    Tiny bit of grain, and it starts to look familiar.

  7. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    This is off topic but years ago we did some work with laser sheets ( laser + rotating mirror to make a plane of light) and a touch of cigarette smoke to test them is an absolutely amazing sight.
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  8. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    What amazes me about smoke, is that if you look at other people's photographs, the same shapes appear.

    This is not mine,

    [​IMG]Smoke by John Harnden, on Flickr

    but this is mine,

    [​IMG]Swirls by Tony Evans, on Flickr

    there's loads of examples of the same structures turning up.
  9. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    That's fluid dynamics for you. Physics will out!
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  10. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

    Yeah, ok.
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  11. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    It's like magic. I think I'd have definitely been excited by this in a physics lesson at school.
  12. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Not magic but flow visualisations are wonderful to watch. in computational fluid mechanics visualisations are an all important part of judging if a solution is credible or not. When you watch the weather forecast these days you are seeing the credible projection of the moment, accurate or not!
  13. Its not smoke but if your only interested in solid material subjects then this is not for you. The spirit realm is not solid and not seen by most people. I can see them & so can the Nokia.
    I'm just trying to point out that there is a whole new realm for photographers. If you want to be a pioneer and be in at the beginning, give it a go. Do not be purblind sceptic though as you will end up photographing fresh air,
  14. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    So in summary,

    1. believe in fairies
    2. point your phone camera at them
    3. photograph them
    4. if you don't believe first, it won't work

    Got it.
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  15. I'm sorry but i don't agree, these things have intelligence just like we have.
    Lets see some of yours.
    The other guy has sent me lovely pictures of smoke, much better than mine but not one face or figure in any of it as it has no intelligence,

  16. Spot on,

  17. Craig20264

    Craig20264 Well-Known Member

    I don't know what to say.......

    th (1).jpg
  18. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    Be careful, if the guy in that photo thinks you're calling him a fairy, we'll be in trouble.
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  19. dream_police

    dream_police Well-Known Member

  20. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    maybe recalling those three famous fairies: Tulip, Daisy and Hedgehog will help.

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