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Competition: APOY 2013

Discussion in 'Amateur Photographer Of the Year (APOY)' started by Chrissie_Lay, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    You could be right. ;)
  2. AdrianSadlier

    AdrianSadlier Well-Known Member

    Adrian, donning the green jacket (no overalls here) smiles from ear to ear and says, "Don't worry, normal service will be resumed shortly - in about 1 month".

    But until then I will be showing copies of the leader board to everyone I meet :)
  3. Trannifan

    Trannifan Well-Known Member

    Somebody at AP is asleep at the wheel.......The APOY2013 Floral still life winners have been published in AP 27/7/13 p.28-33............A few pages later (p61) the preview for AP 3/8/13 includes....the winners of APOY2013 Floral Still Life!
  4. mark_jacobs

    mark_jacobs Retired

    Although aware of it - I have not yet seen it - I believe that someone made a mistake* with the 'Next Week' panel.

    It may well prove to have been me who 'signed off' the pages :)

    It should have been a preview for entry to APOY Round 7 Black & White World


    *Unfortunately they happen
  5. George W Johnson

    George W Johnson Well-Known Member

    One of these days I will get organised enough to take part. For the last 3 years it's started and each time I've missed it and so I have to wait another 12 months, ha ha!

    ( I know will miss APOY 2014 starting, so when does APOY 2015 start again?! )
  6. PMurrell

    PMurrell Well-Known Member

    Can you re-submit an image that was previously entered into an earlier round (was in the top 50) but would also fit an upcoming theme within the competition?
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2013
  7. Oliver_Atwell

    Oliver_Atwell AP Features writer Forum Admin

    Hi bugeye,

    Thanks for your question. It's probably something others have been wondering about too.

    I'm afraid we can't accept a resubmission due to the fact it has already appeared in the top 50. As the image has already gained you points it means that if you score highly (on the second submission) you will have been scored twice for the same image. That will be a little unfair on everyone else as it will essentially put you at an advantage that no one else has. So, for that reason, the answer is no.

    Good luck in this round though. There's still plenty of time to get out there and find your shot.

  8. PMurrell

    PMurrell Well-Known Member

    Thanks for such a prompt response. I do have another image in mind just wish i'd put more thought into it in the beginning.

    Will be better prepared next year!
  9. TheAlex

    TheAlex Well-Known Member

    So what if you've missed a few rounds, enter the last 3 of this year and it'll get you into rhythm ready for 2014!
  10. PMurrell

    PMurrell Well-Known Member

    Is one allowed to enter a black & white photo with an element that stands out in colour for visual effect/impact by use of software layers, but with no further additional enhancements?
  11. ianwaite

    ianwaite Well-Known Member

    According to the rules you can enter anything which has not been published before or been entered in APOY and scored points (short version of rules). I have not seen any rules which prohibit your suggestion, however in my experience selective colour is being seen as old hat, however you might just have the image to challenge that!

  12. PMurrell

    PMurrell Well-Known Member

    Thank you Ian. This would be for the Autumn/Winter round but I guess I have enough time to make a decision.
  13. AdrianSadlier

    AdrianSadlier Well-Known Member

    Well, that's it!

    Final round's entry in - I managed to get something for every round this year (twice as many as last year).

    Good luck to everybody in the final two rounds; I hope you've enjoyed it as much as me.

  14. PMurrell

    PMurrell Well-Known Member

    I had entered only four rounds so far but had made 21st in Black & White World and 41st for Interior Architecture but thoroughly enjoyed the experience and looking forward to next years.
  15. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    Don't know - probably Dan Deakin again
    Results 21-28Dec edition.
  16. bevlad

    bevlad Well-Known Member

    I've compiled a toplist of all of the points scorers for this years competition just so you can check out where you came if your aren't in the top 10 (I came 14th ...yay me !!)
    just follow this link

  17. Trannifan

    Trannifan Well-Known Member

    .....and when are the full results for round 10 going to be published??
  18. mark_jacobs

    mark_jacobs Retired

  19. Craig20264

    Craig20264 Well-Known Member

  20. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    I just don't understand some responses on here. Is everything viewed as a p...... contest?
    It had disappeared as far as I was concerned although I had a recollection of seeing it earlier.

    I know I'm far from perfect (see, there's something you can quote) - but hey, what's wrong with just trying to understand things from someone else's point of view?
    be pleasant without the aggression?
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