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Come on people

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Mario, Jul 9, 2000.

  1. Mario

    Mario Well-Known Member

    TWO new websites are on their way. The first as you may allready know will be an online magazine type thing. All I need for this one is your help. Please write a short reveiw on any camera, lenses flashes and other accessories. The other is going to containe photos from you lot! Each person can have upto 5 images displayed on the site with YOUR contact e-mail address. So please please write your reveiws and send your pictures to Dreamphotos@email.com
    Once I have enough photos and reveiws I will inform you all of the addresses of these site. I can't do this without your help!

    Mario Greppi
    Web site: http://Dreamphotos.tripod.com
    Email: Dreamphotos@email.com
  2. tonymidd

    tonymidd Well-Known Member

    Sounds as if this may be interesting. I will send you a couple of reviews in the next day or two, work load permiting.
    How do you want the images? I normally scan at about 100dpi for the web and format as jpg. What size do you want them, can we send them by email or do you want a disk?
  3. Mario

    Mario Well-Known Member

    sending them to me via e-mail is fine. If you can scan them at 100dpi and don't worry about the size too much, just as long as they are not bigger than what can be diplayed on a standered web page. I can make the pictures small if I think it would look better but in general I will leave the size up to you guys!

    Mario Greppi
    Web site: http://Dreamphotos.tripod.com
    Email: Dreamphotos@email.com
  4. David Stout

    David Stout Well-Known Member


    "...just as long as they are not bigger than what can be diplayed on a standered web page."

    It depends on what you think a 'standard' web page is. The key is actually the resolution of the viewers' monitor which can vary. I use a monitor at 1280x1024 pixels but many folk have theirs set to 800x600 or even 640x480 pixels. So, what looks good on mine is too big for some but making the images small enough to fit 'low-res' screens means that they look too small on some other screens. In addition, there is a quality loss when squashing down a decent photograph in just a few pixels to fit a screen that isn't ideal for viewing photos. An interesting dilemma...

    My photo web site is at http://image-one.members.beeb.net where you are welcome to borrow a few pictures for your new web site so long as they correctly attributed and with the understanding that the copyright remains with me.

    David R Stout
  5. 0

    0 Guest

    Like you say most people have there monitors set @ 800x600 so I'd class this as the norm. Obviously I can't do a web page that will do for everyone and as most web sites are designed for this resolution mine will be also. If you like your photos contributed to this site please mail them to dreamphotos@email.com. Mario

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