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colour efex pro 4 problems with photoshop elements 11, can you help me please?

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by Louise, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Louise

    Louise Well-Known Member

    This plug in was working brilliantly and I was going to view the tutorial but now every time I click on the effects pro 4 tab I keep getting a message saying

    The command color effects pro is not currently availaible

    Can someone help me with this please? Does this mean the plug in has corrupted?
  2. PhotoEcosse

    PhotoEcosse Well-Known Member

    Are the other Nik plug-ins operating OK. Do you have Lightroom and, if so, do the Nik plug-ins work OK from there?

    Maybe try re-installing the entire suite and make sure that Elements 11 is specified as a host program on installation.
  3. Louise

    Louise Well-Known Member

    Seems ok for now with the filets, but I haven't touched any of the other tabs in case I mess things up

    No, cant afford it so I'm using Elements 11

    Are their any other plug ins I can use with Photoshop elements 11 please?

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