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Canon 5D Mk II showing very strange behaviour

Discussion in 'Canon Conflab' started by Digitalcyclops, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Dear All

    If anyone has experienced the same problems with their 5D Mk II and had it repaired, I would very much like to know what the fix was please. This will help me decide on the fate of my own 5D Mk II body.

    The symptoms are as follows (which occur randomly and intermittently): blank white image recorded, same image recorded over and over, pink-hued image recorded, white or pink strip recorded top or bottom of image, camera won't switch on or off, camera freezes, and shutter locks open.

    These symptoms occur with any lens (all Canon, some 'L-Series'). Removing the main battery clears the problems (but sometimes it takes several goes to do this). Symptoms occur with single battery and with battery grip. Symptoms occur with all memory cards I have (various brands and capacities). Symptoms occur in all modes.

    The body is in immaculate condition, never been dropped or got wet, and the shutter count must be in the region of 30K or so by now, so not heavily used.

    I suspect that a new mainboard might be the solution, but if anyone can provide any advice I would be grateful.

    Kind regards
  2. Bawbee

    Bawbee Well-Known Member

    It will need to be inspected by Canon, Elstree or one of the authorised repairers. It sounds to be beyond even the knowledge on here.

    Sorry that I can't be more helpful.
  3. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    My guess is that it's suffering from moisture ingress. If it's seawater related, get it to Canon as soon as possible.

    Otherwise, my suggestion is to remove both batteries (i.e. main plus the button cell backup battery), and then leave the camera in a warm, dry environment for at least 48 hours. Airing cupboard could be OK if there's a working immersion heater to raise the temp above ambient. In this damp weather, raising the temp above ambient is essential, otherwise the humidity will remain high, and no drying will take place. You'll probably have to set the calendar, clock etc. after this treatment.

    Otherwise, as Bawbee suggests, it's send it to Canon UK at Elstree.

    (I successfully dried out my 5D after it suffered rain ingress by placing it in my fan oven for an hour at 40degC - but I did know that the oven didn't go above 40 in the mode I chose!)
  4. Many thanks for your replies. I don't think that there is any moisture ingress. This camera has not been used in wet or especially humid conditions, and is carefully stored at home.

    I've been doing a lot of internet researching and main board replacement crops up a number of times with Mk IIs displaying similar problems. Mk IIIs don't seem to be immune to problems either it would seem. My Mk I has performed faultlessly since I got it (and has been used in damp conditions and covered in salt spray at least once!).

  5. Update to the above; I sent my 5D Mk II to Colchester Cameras for repair. As I suspected, a new main board was required to solve the problems (very quick turnaround by the way). This was not an inexpensive repair.

    I wonder why such a relatively young camera body, carefully looked after, with low shutter count, and nothing but genuine Canon lenses and accessories fitted to it needed such a major component? After all, I have an EOS 300, 55, 1V, 350D and 5D Mk I that are all still working perfectly after many years' service.

    My loyalty to the Canon brand has been sorely tested!
  6. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    Thanks for reporting back to us, and sorry to hear about the cost. Don't lose the repair invoice! (Hope you never need it, but...)
  7. mikeh201355

    mikeh201355 Well-Known Member

    Did they say what was wrong with the mainboard? If it was poor fitting then I would expect it to be covered by your satutory rights and Canon refund you: these rights are in addition to any warranty period so are not time limited and come down to the quality of product you would expect to own.
    It may be worth writing to Canon and explain how disgruntled you are, how you would expect more from a premium pro-grade marque etc etc - it may come to nothing but you may be pleasantly surprised.
  8. No report from the camera repairers regarding what is wrong with the main board, but they did return it to me as requested. I will be sending it to Canon and I will be asking them why it failed. If the are willing and able to tell me, I will report back.

  9. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    Any chance of photographing the board, both sides, before you send it to Canon? Years ago (in industry) we analysed boards, solder joints & ICs in an attempt to find why they had failed. Our incoming QC marked failed ICs with UV fluorescing ink so that we'd know if faulty ICs were simply returned to us - and they were...
  10. No problem photographing the board since I've not packaged it yet. But I don't have a UV light source so I'm not sure quite what the purpose would be? Quite happy to do so though. If I do it with the repaired 5D Mk II is it some kind of weird camera cannibalism? ;-)
  11. Giorgi Dadiani

    Giorgi Dadiani New Member

    I have the same exact problem with my 5d mark ii, I want to buy a new main board (this was the reason of errors as I understood from your post) and replace it locally, because I live in Tbilisi, Georgia (Republic of Georgia, not an US state), do you guys have any advice where can I buy the main board for this camera? and what is the price range for this item?
  12. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    I would think you need to contact Canon directly. I doubt main boards are the sort of spares generally available. Canon should be able to advise if the board is still available (the MkII is now quite old) and whether it's user replaceable part.
  13. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    The original post was from 2014. You'd have to ask an official repairer. These guys fixed my original 5D, http://www.hlehmann.co.uk/, and were very helpful but I'm sure they would let you know if the boards were available though it is probably cheaper to go to your local Canon service centre.

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