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Camera Card Trouble

Discussion in 'Computer Related Help & Discussion' started by Flumoxed, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Flumoxed

    Flumoxed New Member

    I viewed my son's 7th birthday pictures and video via my digital camera and then tried to view them on my Dell with a mulitple card reader as usual. Nothing found when I tried to open the card so I took it out and re-loaded the camera and it said 'card error'.
    Checked another card and all ok. Reloaded the computer which could not see the card and then it promptly blew up, in that the power supply failed. I have now had computer mended but no joy with the card.
    Does anyone know how I can rescue the pictures as the computer keeps asking me if I want to format the card, and I dont want to try as I might loose everything and have not had to do this before!
    Help help help.
  2. Benchmark

    Benchmark Well-Known Member

    It sounds as if the card has become corrupted. If the allocation table has been damaged (possibly by ejecting the card whilst it was writing), the data will still be there, but you will not see it. Alternatively, you may have bent or broken one of the pins.

    (Basically, when you see the contents of a drive in Windows explorer, you are seeing the File Allocation Table (or FAT) rather than the files themselves. The FAT is like a telephone directory, which knows where the file fragments are located on the drive, and how large the file is).

    You may be able to recover the images by running Checkdisk (right click on the drive symbol in My Computer, select Tools, Error Checking), or better still, by using one of the recovery programmes bundled with many new memory cards.

    Whatever you do, dont try using or formatting the card until you have recovered your images (or given up), as you will simply write over the data blocks that you are trying to save.

    Good luck. :)
  3. Flumoxed

    Flumoxed New Member

    Many thanks. I dont seem to have the error bit under tools so I will download a programme that someone else has recomended. Wish me luck.Thanks for your help anyway! :rolleyes:
  4. Dun_Diggin

    Dun_Diggin Member

    Not that this is relevant in your case, but it may help somebody...

    I have an HP computer at work with a multi card reader in it. It has read every card I put into it, except my 1Gb Sandisk SD card. It reads the other brand SD cards I tried, Fuji xD cards, CF cards and USB flash drives. The Sandisk works fine in camera and in every other reader I tried. But, at work, I have to connect the camera to the USB port to read the card.

    That's life,eh?
  5. T90

    T90 Well-Known Member

    Look for CCLEANER via google.

    On the same page will be RECUVA (both are free and v good)

    This might recover the images.

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