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British Red Cross Young Person's Photo Compettion

Discussion in 'Forthcoming Events' started by pbromley, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. pbromley

    pbromley New Member

    Hi I'm Paige,

    Just wanted to share a post for any young people that might want to take part in a national photography competition.

    The information is below:

    Canon have partnered with the British Red Cross for this year's Humanitarian Awards Photography Competition. This year's theme is 'making a difference matters'/ There are many things that can make a difference to young people, whether it's their friends or family that are helping them get through a tough time, their local anti-bullying support group, or the first cup of tea of the day. Therefore we are encouraging young people to take pictures of the things that they think make a difference, whatever they may be.

    There are two categories; 17 and under and 18-25. The overall winners in both categories will receive a state of the art Canon camera and have their photographs printed. Along with the pictures all you need to provide is your age, a contact email or number and a few lines to say how your pictures fir into the theme. Submissions are open until the 11th September, and entrants do not need to have any connection to the Red Cross. Winners will be invited to the awards ceremony at the Palace of Westminster.

    Any questions please do get in touch; entries should be sent to youngphotocomp@redcross.org.uk

    Good luck to all taking part!

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