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British Red Cross Young Person Photography Competition

Discussion in 'Forthcoming Events' started by Natalie2924, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Natalie2924

    Natalie2924 New Member

    Hi, I'm Natalie

    Just wanted to share a post for any young people out there wanting to take part in a nation wide photography competition.

    The information is below:

    Canon has partnered with the British Red Cross for this year’sHumanitarian Citizenship Awards photography competition. This is the second year the competition has run, and will aim to build on the outstanding range oftalented entries in 2014.

    Our competition theme this year is ‘Celebrating yourcommunity’. Often, humanitarian action starts at the heart of communities, and we are asking young people to reflect this in their photography. Through this theme, we want to encourage young people to celebrate their own communities,and the contributions made by communities and individuals within them.

    There are two age categories, 17 and under, and 18 to 25.The overall winners in both categories will each receive a Canon EOS 760D pluslens. Two runners-up will find themselves with a Canon compact camera! Submissions can be made until the 20th September and young people do not need any connection to the Red Cross to submit a photo.

    The two winners will beinvited to a prestigious ceremony at the Houses of Parliament on the 24 November 2015.

    Any questions please get in touch; the link for entries forthe competition is here: redcross.org.uk/theaward and submissions should be sent to youngphotocomp@redcross.org.uk

    Good Luck to all taking part!
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