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Beware buying TV / DVD etc from Sainsburys...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by SteveEM, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. AGW

    AGW Well-Known Member

    You dont have a telly......I dont believe it! :eek: :D

  2. AJUK

    AJUK Well-Known Member

    They are right, you have to fill in a TV licence form when you buy a DVD player.
  3. SqueamishOssifrage

    SqueamishOssifrage Well-Known Member

    I don't have a TV either, but it used to be that the license fee was automatically charged on the electricity bill. As I have two seperate bills (house and office) this got painful. :mad:

    Fortunately, when Cyprus was 'aligning' itself for membership of the EU, they had to drop it! :rolleyes:
  4. scm

    scm Well-Known Member

    This is certainly true in my experience, and I've been guilty of writing ever more acrimonious letters to them explaining this, culminating in telling them that if they've got evidence that I'm using a TV wihout a licence to prosecute me, otherwise to stop harrassing me. I haven't heard from them for about 3 years now. They may threaten to visit, but they don't have the resources to do it, IMO. And you certainly don't have to let them in, unless they've got a warrant and are accompanied by a police officer.
  5. scm

    scm Well-Known Member

    This should only be the case if the "player" is capable of receiving broadcast signals (ie. has a built-in tuner). The licence allows you to possess (not necesarily use!) "broadcast receiving apparatus".
  6. SteveEM

    SteveEM Well-Known Member


    BEWARE: IPC will assist libel lawyers if they come calling...

    thanks for that..although the smiley face is a bit unkind!

    I would add it would be my word against the assistants word in regard to the issue..in other words a legal 'stand-off'

    I also checked Sainsburys website and their own policies. They say they will not collect any personal information from any customers without prior permission and If they do, then they will ONLY distibute the information to sainsburys companies...and they list these..no sign of 'Domestic & General' on their own list..

    they NEVER said it was going to an extended warranty company..they said rather vaguely it was ONLY for TV licencing purposes..

    cheers Steve.
  7. TheFatControlleR

    TheFatControlleR :Devil's Advocaat: Forum Admin

    No worries Steve.

    It was just a reminder to everyone of the terms of IPCs T&Cs (which members agree to, tacitly, by using the forum);

  8. Lily_My_Lovely

    Lily_My_Lovely Active Member

    Hmmm... didn't think that was the case as a hotel or guesthouse only needs 1 licence for up to 15 TVs, over 15 and they need to pay more for each additional 5 TVs.

    I've searched the TV licensing website and it doesn't say anything about a maximum number of 3 TVs... So would like to know if this is fact and where it came from as I have 3 TVs downstairs alone!
  9. Lily_My_Lovely

    Lily_My_Lovely Active Member

    Not quite... a DVD player has to be played back on something and the "assumption" is that this will be a TV ...with the ability to receive broadcasts.

    So, even if you only intend to use a TV to watch your newly purchased TV player... you'll still need a license and so when you purchase the said DVD player, you'll have to fill in a license form.
  10. Nod

    Nod Well-Known Member

    SWMBO has the pleasure of paying the license fee here, while I have the honour of purchasing TVs, DVD players and the like.

    When I get letters from the licensing people asking me why I don't have a license, I ignore them. Eventually, they check and discover that there IS a license at the address - although I have a sneaking suspicion that SHE tells them about it.
  11. DaveCarr

    DaveCarr Well-Known Member

    From the TV Licensing site:

    Why do we need to notify you of all our sales and rentals? Why do we need to notify you of all our sales and rentals?

    If you sell or rent TV receiving equipment, under The Wireless Telegraphy Act 1967 (as amended) - you are required to notify us within 28 days of each transaction, providing full details of the purchaser or hirer.

    This includes the sale or rental of any new or second-hand:

    DVD recorders
    Set-top boxes
    PCs with broadcast (TV) cards
    TV cards

    Like Lily, can't find the bit about "only covers you for up to 3 televisions" ANYWHERE - would be interested if anyone can find this - although surely the poster (as an installer) knows what he's talking about??
  12. Not really certain that 6.3 is an adequate "catch all"

    Not a legal man myself, but I always err on the side of caution and remove any posts I think could bring down the wrath of the Courts upon my head.

    Quote from this article:
    "Secondly, the High Court ruled last month that posting something on a website is the same as publishing it, so when an individual was libelled on a website, he warned the server who provided the internet site. When the offending words were not removed, he successfully prosecuted the server, in this case Demon, who was successfully convicted of publishing a libel"

    Indemity clauses always remind me of the fact that some people are keener to purchase insurance against flooding than sandbags!

  13. alphanov

    alphanov Well-Known Member

    If they do visit & "interview" you... DO NOT SIGN the paperwork since the signature is admission of the "offence"! The "investigators" receive a payment for each signature obtained! In order for the "interview" to be admissible it *should* be carried out in accordance with PACE (Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984) and you *should* be cautioned and, strictly speaking, unless there is a really good reason the interview should be tape recorded (PACE code of practice D). The "investigators" tend not to play by the rules and rely on ignorance of the law to get by.

    We had an "investigator" arrive at our office demanding to see the TV and licence. She was told to "go away". She returned with a colleague and attempted an "interview" on the "doorstep" and left very rapidly when we offered the use of our interview room (complete with PACE approved recorder). I guess she hadn't received that training. :) Just for the record... we had got a TV licence although it was one with all the office locations recorded on it!
  14. scm

    scm Well-Known Member

    This clearly doesn't include DVD players - note it says recorders. There's no assumption made about what you're playing it through.
  15. m_rubensson

    m_rubensson New Member

    Asked to provide TV license details for £4.99 HDMI cable

    On 31 Dec 2011 around noon I was asked to provide my TV license details at Sainsburys.

    The item I was trying to buy was a £4.99 HDMI cable for a DVD player.

    I'm not joking. A manager appeared at the checkout within 10 seconds and made clear that I had to fill out a form with the details of my TV license since I was buying "electronic equipment". I quickly decided not to buy the £4.99 HDMI cable after all and left.

    Of course I have a full valid TV license and pay on time every year.

    We've been doing our weekly shopping at Sainsburys for years. My family probably spent well over £5,000 in total for grocery shopping at Sainsburys in 2011. I guess Sainsburys don't need us...
  16. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    Re: Asked to provide TV license details for £4.99 HDMI cable

    Make a complaint to head office, either by email or letter. This is absurd. Alternatively shop at another supermarket and you may reduce your grocery bills as well.
  17. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    I bought a TV at Currys a few days ago and they logged into a web site , asked my name and address checked up that there was a valid license for that address, then I did not have to fill in any forms. It all seemed very effecient and I had no objection to them checking

  18. mediaman

    mediaman Well-Known Member

    Was there not a court case a few months ago, Judge's ruling being that a downloaded signal [ internet etc ] was classed as a "Data Stream" not a "Broadcast"...? no tv licence required. ?
    TVs in caravan / uni lodgings :-
    Believe that if tv is classed as a portable, Then home licence will cover.
  19. m_rubensson

    m_rubensson New Member

    The Currys solution seems absolutely fine.

    I'll go there and get my HDMI cable. :)
  20. kiwibloke

    kiwibloke Well-Known Member

    My brother has a home cinema in his house, projector, screen that comes out the celing, the works, but no TV, he hasn't had a TV licence for years, and was never asked to fill any form out when he purchased the HC, mind you he does live in Scotland, maybe it's different up there.


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