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Best Online Printing Service

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by Duckers, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

  2. markandreani

    markandreani New Member

    About 5 years ago I tested about a dozen online printing services for use with commercial (fashion and beauty) clients.
    PhotoBox's result were distinctly below average in terms of colour matching, and I seem to remember noticeably lighter weight (and therefore cheaper feeling) prints... By far the best results were from ColorWorld ( explore their. Image Partner system) - which is particularly suited to anyone involved in portraits /weddings / album creation, but I use them for all of my domestic prints too.
  3. AlexMonro

    AlexMonro Old Grand Part Deux

    They seem to be rather coy about their prices, and want you to install their software on your computer.
  4. markandreani

    markandreani New Member

    I'd just ask them what the prices are in that case!!

    Another slightly better lab is LOXLEY, also geared to wedding / portraits, and again you have to install their uploader (Loxley ROES), which has the benefit of showing prices per prices per print etc as you progress through the order - very, very good quality prints and service
  5. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Try photos-onto-canvas.co.uk they do good prints and have easy access to all their prices.

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