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Battery Life

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by devonroy, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. devonroy

    devonroy New Member

    I have a Canon Powershot A540, which uses AA batteries, which are always running out, my wife's camera uses a Li-ion battery which seem to last forever, is it possible to get Li-ion replacement for the AA type.
  2. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    You can get Lithium based non-rechargeable AA cells which are claimed to last much longer than the alkaline types. BE AWARE that there are both 1.5V and 3.6V AA Lithium batteries available. You must not use the 3.6V type in your camera. I've used Hybrio AA rechargeable cells in cameras that take them. They have a long standby life (up to a year) and give a reasonable number of shots per charge. They can be recharged in any standard AA recharger and I've got more than 200 charges out of mine. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Uniross-Hy...501341211&sr=1-2&keywords=hybrio+aa+batteries
  3. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    Technically, no.
    Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) cells* are rechargeable and the characteristics of these cells mean that the terminal voltage is 3.7V per cell. This means that a direct replacement for an AA cell is not possible.

    If you want to use rechargeable cells you will first need to check that your camera can safely use them as the cell voltage of the majority of rechargeable AA cells is 1.2V and Alkaline AA cells exhibit a terminal voltage of 1.5V.

    I downloaded the manual for your camera and on page 97 found that you can use NiMh (Nickel Metal hydride) cells, you can ignore the bit that mentions Canon brand. So I would suggest that you buy a couple of sets of hybrid NiMh cells and a charger, get a good one some are only able to charge cells in pairs. Andrew's link, above will find you a suitable set of cells.

    *I have used the word cell because that the the correct technical term, a battery is normally made up of several cells. If you decide to do further research most of the technical documents will refer to cells not batteries.
  4. devonroy

    devonroy New Member

    Thanks for all the replies the cells I use at the moment are UNiRoss NiMh (Nickel Metal hydride) together with a UNiROSS charger but they do not last very long which is why I posted my original enquiry.
  5. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    What is the capacity of the cells you are using? It will be on the side of the cell somewhere. The latest cells are something like 2500 mAH but yours may be less than that, if so you can get four for around £8 and your charger should still be OK.

    If they are high capacity, have you followed the instructions on the charger? Some chargers require the user decide when charging is complete by simply giving a time taken to fully charge rather than cutting out automatically. If yours is one of these I recommend that you get an automatic charger.

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