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Batteries for Nikon FE

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by beki, Mar 25, 2001.

  1. beki

    beki Active Member


    I am a proud new owner of an FE. I'm writing to ask what kinds of batteries the camera takes. I opened the camera up and saw two little 1.5V batteries types, but these ones seem to be from 1978 (when the camera was first purchased and subsequently put into storage). I want to know whether I can get these batteries still (I am a battery novice) or whether I can also use 3V style battery (as seems possible in the later FM2N model). Any help much appreciated since I have no idea how much longer these will last.
  2. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith Well-Known Member

    You can use either two 1.5v's or a single 3v. The 1.5's are common to most older FE,FM, F3 and current FM2 Nikons. G13-LR44-357-SR44-A76-L1154 - are the codes, depending on the particular brand. These are amongst the cheapest, most common and readily available alkalines. A single 3v lithium is more expensive, has no real guarantee to last any longer than two 1.5's - but is more tolerant to low temperatures.

    My advice is to stick with two good quality 1.5 alkalines - LR44 Duracells - and make sure you put them in the right way round.......

    Carry a couple of spares in your bag by all means - but the odds are you'll probably 'lose (or loan) them before you use them'.

  3. beki

    beki Active Member

    Thanks Jon. I was stunned that the batteries I have in the camera work and still work since I'm certain that these are original with the camera.


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