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AP issue 5.1.2019 buy s/hand

Discussion in 'AP Magazine Feedback & Suggestions' started by chris hallows, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. chris hallows

    chris hallows Member

    I like this article very much,has it happens that just what I have done myself just before Christmas. I managed to buy a nice Olympus camera body for a good price ( EM5/2) and then buy 2 lenses to match. One lens was off a seller on e-bay,the camera body and the other lens off a well known seller who advertises in the magazine.
    I am a very happy bunny now, back into proper photography, I have not had a interchangeable lens camera since my Pentax MX bought in the 70’s.
  2. Chester AP

    Chester AP Well-Known Member

    Since there is so much good condition used stuff available with a decent guarantee, the real question is 'why buy new?'

    My first two DSLR bodies were purchased new, but recently discontinued and being sold off by the trade during the post-Christmas 'dead' season. My first DSLR replaced an MX too, but I stayed with the brand so that I could use some lenses I already owned. When I got the second (16 megapixel) one nearly 6 years ago, the number of 2-3 year old DSLR bodies on the secondhand market with the specification I wanted was less than today. If buying today, I'd not even consider buying new because so many mint condition 2-3 year old DSLR bodies are available. The same comment also applies to interchangeable mirrorless bodies like your Olympus.

    Don't forget to encourage the wealthy people who have been trained to believe they must 'upgrade' every year or two: without them the supply of nice stuff for the secondhand market would be much reduced.

    And since you've got an interchangeable lens camera, the same advice applies to lenses. I haven't purchased a new lens for nearly 20 years... but I've found some great used ones from AP advertisers.

    Once you've mastered your new camera, why not put some pictures on the Gallery pages?
    If you resize them to 800-1000 pixels on the longer side before you upload them the files won't be very big.
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