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any good waterfalls in the uk? if so where?

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by markd50, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Isbella Jones

    Isbella Jones In the Stop Bath

    This week I'm going to UK, and I's also looking for some sights to mention in my list where I'll go to capture some pictures, when it comes to waterfall I chose Gordale Scar. Because in pictures this one is only looks perfect for me outta all other opinions and searches.
  2. hotwenxynt

    hotwenxynt In the Stop Bath

    Just to put Northumberland on the map. Try the following:-

    Lynhope Spout near Wooler. Drive noth on the A686 to roughly 5 miles south of Wooler itself then drive as far as you can up Ingram Valley. There is a walk of around1 mile over a farm road (OK). Follow the stream to the wqterfall. A sheer drop of around 30 feet and watch the water boil in the pond below. Good footwear recommended as well as waterproofs.

    Hareshaw Linn. About 2 miles north of the village of Bellingham. Park in the village opposite the old Police Station (free) and walk up the path past old iron works and along a winding twisting path through woodland and small rustic footbridges to a small clearing with the waterfall at the top. As it is shady valley, either a high ISO may be needed or a tripod. The path can be very muddy after rain so again good footwear - no flipflops! In Bellingham there is a stonkingly good pub with real Ale.

    Routing Linn. Again near the village of Wooler but closer to a hamlet called Doddington a few miles to the east. You will need an OS map to find it but the short walk is worth the visit. Park your car near the crossroads and clim a fence next to the stream and walk no more than 300 yards to a dead end where the waterfall either pours over in a violent torrent after heavy rain or is a gentle curtain of water dropping onto ledges below. Quite magical. Again decent footwear but not walking boots are needed.

    (As a bonus, nearby are 'Cup and Ring' prehistoric carvings in the local hard stone. the locations are on the OS maps.)

    Not actually a waterall, but at the south end of Kielderwater Reservoir at the far end of the dam is the over flow chute which is opened occasionally to reduce the level of the water. When it is in full flow, the noise is incredible.
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  3. miked

    miked Well-Known Member

    May I recommend the highest waterfall in Wales Pistyll Rhaeadr. Just over the border from Shropshire - a trip down the Tanat Valley (most beautiful to Llanrhaedr and follow the signs from there which takes you on a three mile trip down a very narrow lane to the falls.
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